TRX FORCE Training DVD Review

Check out the reviews for the TRX FORCE Training DVD and you decide if this training tool is good for your home gym.

This workout and Training Guide combines cardiovascular and functional-strength training for a comprehensive 12-week program to help you achieve peak operational readiness.

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TRX FORCE Training DVD Product Details
This program delivers real, functional fitness to meet the challenges facing any service member while in the field. TRX® Suspension Trainer creator and former Navy SEAL, Randy Hetrick, and TRX Director of Training and Development, Fraser Quelch, take you through a training regimen designed to help you maximize your general physical preparedness.

These two alternating, real-time workouts start at a moderate level and progressively become more challenging over a 12-week period. The Training Guide provides an easy to use system to document your progress, and contains full color, waterproof images of each exercise. Plus, you will receive the Instant Video Download of the program immediately so you can download it to your computer and start your workout today. Train like the nation’s elite forces and get into peak operational readiness with TRX FORCE.

  1. DVD is great, showing proper form and tips and suggestions that I was unaware of as a TRX user for a couple of months now. Very well done. 2. The booklet is great also. Contrary to another review posted earlier, I found the booklet to be very well laid out- tabbed for easy reference, even coated to protect it from wear and tear (and sweat stains). 3. I couldn’t be any happier with TRX and I couldn’t be any happier with the TRX Force workout materials.

Initially somewhat difficult, but repeated repetitions created a controlled, very effective workout. I own P90X and found that effective as well – however, I prefer the TRX suspension training. Another product recently became available: Rip60 – which offers a full 8-week program, but reviews of Rip60 revealed that the TRX straps were better quality. I am hopeful TRX will expand it’s DVD workouts to surpass and rival Rip60. If I could just buy Rip60 DVD (not the straps), I would. Hey TRX creators – how about creating an expanded multi-week program?

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Excellent program. The program evolves in a way that makes your all body work as one, making you develop every muscle of it. During the program, you’ll see the benefits that the trx force training can give you. A little hard in the start, for those who are not accustomed to train very often, but after week 2 you’ll notice some differences, not only in your force but also in your resistance.


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