US Navy SEAL David Goggins on How to Strengthen Your Mind

“How you become a better person—how you gain mental toughness—how you become the person you want to be—is constantly facing the things you don’t want to face.”

If you constantly run away from things that you don’t want to face, how is there growth? How is there mental toughness?

I can give you a class all day long about self-talk, visualization, eat an elephant one bite at a time…

but if you’re never putting yourself in a situation to actually practice these things, you’re never going to grow.”

How do you—or how could you—callus your mind?

How have you become comfortable?

How could you become comfortable being uncomfortable?

How could you start, or continue, to put yourself in situations where you can put into practice what David Goggins is talking about?

What action steps could you take right now to move you towards your goals by 1%?

Let us know in the comments below.

QUESTION: Coach—I’ve been feeling stuck in my workouts for the last couple of months and I haven’t broken any personal bests. I don’t think I’m overtraining but maybe I am. I also feel like I’m hungry all the time. How can I get back on track?

ANSWER:Check out my article on 10 Tips to Break Through a Training Plateau. Also make sure you’re getting good nutrition and hydration–sometimes if you feel hungry you’re dehydrated.

If you’re not sure you are eating like you should, check out my Navy SEAL Nutrition Tips article. We also have a 90-Day Clean Eating Challenge where you’ll get tons of awesome info and even support if you feel you need it.

QUESTION: Hi, Coach. I recently joined your membership and I’ve been doing the workouts I can or scaling when I can’t but I’m getting blisters on my hands from the pull-ups.

Do I just need to deal until my hands heal up and get tougher? Do you have some tips for helping the healing process?

ANSWER: Your hands will will toughen up. But you also do need to take care of them because you want to build calluses not more blisters which can get worse. Check out tips here.

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