US Navy SEAL Robert O’Neil on President Trump’s Military Parade: “Third World Bullsh*t.”

Robert O’Neil, the US Navy SEAL who has gone on record as the one who killed Osama bin Laden, is now castigating President Donald Trump’s request for a full-scale military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.–an event that would mach, if not surpass, the Bastille Day celebration Trump attended in 2017.

No mincing any words, O’Neil stated in a Tweet, “A military parade is third world bullsh*t. We prepare. We deter. We fight. Stop this conversation.”

James Mattis, US Defense Secretary, stated on Wednesday that the Pentagon is planning options for such a parade; they would then be sen to he White House for a final decision. Mattis has stated that the parade is to show Trump’s “affection” for US troops.

O’Neil is one of several people openly criticizing the parade. Among the concerns, in addition to the “self-aggrandizing” nature of the parade are the high costs, and that such a parade too closely resembles the military and authoritarian governments found in countries like North Korea and Russia.

The last military parade similar to the one proposed by Trump was in 1991; the parade was ordered by then-President George H.W. Bush to celebrate victory in the first Gulf War.

What do you think of the US President’s desire for a parade?

Do you agree with O’Neil?

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