Warrior yoga workout 8-5-15

sabine warrior yoga ice bath thumbnailYoga recovery for 30 minutes or more.
Drink lots of filtered water
arm in front of chest – 5 seconds each arm
cow face stretch – 5 each arm
wrist stretch – 10 seconds each way
wrist rotations – 10 each way
neck rotations – 10 clockwise
neck Rotations – 10 forward and back

Arm circles 10 each way
Figure eight arm rotations – 10 each way
Standing windmills – 20
Bent windmills – 20
Standing hamstring stretch legs straight – 10
Standing hamstring stretch legs crossed – 10
Hip swivel kicks forward – 15 each leg
Hip swivel kicks sideways – 15 each leg
SGPT hip mobility drills – 5 each leg
standing windmills arm alternate over head – 10
swimmers chest stretch – 10
Sitting IT Band stretch – 10 each leg
Sitting calf stretch – 10
Standing hip flexor stretch – 5 each leg
duck walk – 10 forward, 10 reverse
Plie squat stretch – 10butterfly stretch x 10
Yoga Cobra stretch x 10
Yoga Downward Dog x 10
Yoga warrior pose x 10
Yoga Frog stretch – 10 minutes
10 minutes deep breathing and meditation

Walk for 15 minutes and reflect on your day and visualize where you are heading on your journey.

You can walk for longer if you don’t want to do yoga. Also you can row for recovery if no yoga.

Read 5 minutes from a good book.

Where can I get a good yoga mat for workouts?

We like the Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Mat for yoga workouts, mobility wods and meditating.