Zach Even-Esh Interview on Grease the Groove (GTG)

Check out this interview with Zach Even-Esh discusses Grease the Groove (GTG) method and his new training program “The Russian Lion Power Course”

SGPT: Tell us about your latest training course.

ZE:  This course was inspired from the 1908 course, The Way to Live, by George Hackenschmidt. I’ve had it reprinted along with an introduction from me. The course blew me away the first time I read the book around 10 years ago. The simplicity of the training and lifestyle that “Hack” followed yet the incredible strength Hack possessed really resonated with me.

Video – Zach Even-Esh talks with Dan John about lifting and Grease the Groove

Check out Zach Even-Esh new training program “Russian Lion”

I see how inundated everyone is with the countless programs on the internet, often times exaggerating their claims. This book promotes hard freaking work and lifting heavy, there is no hiding behind that truth.

I’ve added a few parts to this program, one of them is an interview with you (Brad McLeod, Navy SEAL) and another with Mark Divine. Hack discussed how to set goals and the importance of measuring yourself against them  every 30 days. I view training as did Hack, that training should mirror life, and that your training should prepare you to be a stronger person in your day to day activities.

The entire program focuses on being strong in body, mind and spirit. They all go hand in hand. Conditioning drills and workouts can be performed on “off” days or on the weekends to supplement this course if need be, as the gist of
this course is straight up all about becoming strong and explosive.

SGPT:  Where did idea about GTG come from?

ZE: I learned this also about 10 years ago from Pavel, but the idea really hit home to me when Jeff Martone told me how he used GTG by accident when performing rep after rep of chins with an 88 lb Kettlebell while at a booth at The Arnold Fest. He said a few days after the festival he did a 106 lb chin up with ease, which had been a challenge for him prior.

I began using GTG often for my own bodyweight movements, but nowadays also use it with big lifts like squats and deads. I do it to prep my body to be ready to go even when not warmed up. It’s great for what I like to call “real world strength”.

SGPT: how can a beginning to intermediate athlete use GTG to help them improve?

ZE: Both beginners and intermediates should have a pull up bar handy or rings in the house. Perform pull ups, push ups and squats several times a day, never to failure. Just practice technique and focus on one rep at a time.

Do this 5 x week and test it for at least 2 weeks. Calisthenics on the GTG method for beginners and intermediates can be worked on for months on end with a great benefit.

SGPT: How can an athlete access this knowledge?

Learn Grease the Groove from Zach Even-Esh – “Russian Lion”

ZE: The key is to USE the knowledge. I remember the poem that hung above the squat rack in my old bodybuilding gym, where another old pic of a young Tom Platz hung, where he was squatting some 5 or 6 plates on each side.

It said…..

There are those that do
And those that don’t

Those that will
And those that won’t

This is so true.

You MUST do the work. The Russian Lion Power Course is about doing the work in life AND lifting. The HARD work and not escaping or dodging it. It is the key to results.

SGPT: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions Z-Man. I will be putting your GTG methods to work this afternoon.

ZE: YES! I often leave a 275 barbell loaded in my garage and deadlift it on a regular basis. In fact, I don’t deadlift very heavy on a frequent basis, usually no heavier than 405. But, I can deadlift 500 lbs on any given day. GTG trains the body to be ready to GO at all times, and, preps the mind to lift when the work must be done!

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