Commander Mark Divine on How to Begin Your Day Like a Navy SEAL

Check out this great podcast with Mark Divine, founder of SEALFIT, as he talks about how he begins his mornings, and how viewing your day as a metaphorical “battlefield” in which you’ve already won sets the tone for the entire day.

How do you start your mornings?

What is your routine?

How do you create a winning mindset first thing?

Let us know in the comments below!



Want even more ways to win your day?

We have a whole library of awesome audios, all designed to get you motivated and inspired, circumvent blocks, forge mental toughness so you can smash your goals.




QUESTION: Hi, Coach. I keep reading about “durability” and the need to build it. Could you please explain what that means?

ANSWER: Check out this great article—Principles of Durability. Also, here’s another post with what we think are the best Navy SEAL workouts to build mental toughness and durability.



QUESTION: My backpack died the other day. It’s the second in a row that’s fallen apart really fast. Do you have one you recommend?

ANSWER: Yes; check out this article where we review the Five Star Gear Urban Tactical Day Pack.




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