Ripped Muscle X Review

What is Ripped Muscle X?

We get emails every week with athletes asking if we have reviewed various supplements.  We don’t take many supplements, but are open to occasionally reviewing products to see if they work or not.

Subsequently, we received a 30-day trial sample of Ripped Muscle X to try out and see how it works.  We were pretty skeptical at first of this product but figured we would give it a try and see what was up with it – to see if it lived up to the hype that others were giving it.

Ripped Muscle X is described as an enhanced new formula that raises your energy and energy strength levels while reducing body fat.

From the RMX website:

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“RMX works by accelerating the rate of your digestion and metabolism in a safe and effective way. You will feel more powerful and all around jacked up. If you do hard workouts and use this product you could build yourself into lean hard body.

Taking Ripped Muscle X as a supplement that can help you build lean muscle and potentially increase your strength.  You of course will have to workout hard with weights and not sit on the couch.

Ripped Muscle X works by burning your excess fat as an energy source when you are working out with weights.  Combine that with a hard cardio workout and eating a clean diet and you will begin to see excess pounds drop off. The pH buffered ingredients in Ripped Muscle X are good at restoring your body’s natural Ph levels. This product has no harmful toxins, excess sodium and creatine by-products.”

My Real RMX Review

ripped muscle X deadliftOne thing that we have found is that there are guys out there that want the benefit of RMX but will simply not do the work.  Other reviews have said exactly the same thing.  You cannot take a product like this and then think that it will do the work for you.  You will have to go to the gym and workout hard. You will have to sweat and push yourself to new levels. But to think that you can half-ass your workouts and then rely on this product is crazy.  You will need to be in the gym at least 5 days a week. Not once or twice and then going out with your buddies to the bar. You will also need to eat a good clean diet and get 8 hours sleep a night to help repair your body.

Once you push yourself to that level of working out 5 days a week and eating clean and sleeping well everything will change. In the end you want to train yourself with discipline and to change your bad habits into good ones.

Just the act of going into the gym and lifting heavy will increase your heart rate, help you burn fat and increase your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone.

A workout that we recommend is Wendler 5-3-1 with the basic lifts. You will do back squats, deadlifts and shoulder press. You will lift each week using these lifts and only do 5 reps per lift. The next week you will do 3 reps. The final week you will do 1 rep. The last week of the month you will rest. You can add some cardio like running or air dyne bike if you would like. This workout is a solid method to get you strong and build size.

Is RMX for you? Only if you have the discipline to do the hard work needed to build lean mass and drop excess fat. I would pay special attention to your diet during this time.  I would cut out all cheeseburgers, pizza and ice-cream. I would eat as many lean meats like chicken and as many vegetables as you can.  Eating a clean diet is the building block to being able to put on lean muscle. That said, you could try a trial sample and see if it works for you.

What is in Ripped Muscle X?

L-Citrulline and L-Arginine
This the primary substance in RMX, with amino acids being the forerunner to nitric oxide. These assist in helping your blood move through your body. Which will in turn increase your body stamina and working out. This can likewise help up your performance in the bed as a constant blood pressure is clearly required in specific territories to perform this undertaking. Yes; you could purchase a big huge tub of L-Citrulline and make your own particular stack at home in your sink. Who needs to be a scientific expert and blend your own stack? Be that as it may, this item assembles it all in one little simple to-process pil

This compound is utilized to repair muscle tissue and encourage new muscle growth in your body. Without it you will become weak and sick. This can lead to many problems, including erectile disfunction (ED). Zinc is one of the number one minerals that are used as a part of cell digestion system. It has been noticed that recuperating wounds and repair of the body are likewise performed. Most men over 35 and all senior men don not get enough zinc.

When fighting illness zinc is at the top of the list helping to support vital cell growth. It is one of the key elements in keeping your testosterone levels high (key for the effectiveness in Ripped Muscle X as a workout supplement). Men over 50 need to be aware of prostate health and make sure they take enough zinc. Our bodies do not produce zinc so a daily intake is recommended to ensure healthy levels of this critical mineral. (Source: NIH)

Green tea
It is used all over the world as both a drink and as an antioxidant that works to prevent free radical damage. Many athletes take green tea immediately after workout so that it can go to work. It is in the top running for one of the most healthy drinks in the world. This tea is full of nutrients and antioxidants that have immense ly good actions on the body.  green teaFat loss, brain function and lower rate of cancer are only a few of its many benefits.

It is not just another green brew mix. It has a long list of bioactive ingredients that can better your health and well being. It has a ton of polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which work as powerful antioxidants. These compounds can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body. Which also work in protecting your cells and molecules from further damage. Reducing these free radicals is key to slowing down aging and thwarting many diseases.

Green tea also has a substance named Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). In clinical studies has been show to have medicinal capabilities to help cure and treat many diseases.

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that can increase your energy levels and work to eliminate fatigue.

When this substance is taken into your body it is changed into other chemicals that effect muscle fibers and tissue. BA is used for increasing exercise capacity/threshold, building up lean muscle mass. It can also help to improve muscle and physical function in elderly athletes.

Acai Berry
This fruit is often called out as one of the great super foods. It has almost magical powers in helping to increase energy. It is loaded with anti-oxidants. been called one of the super foods and can help increase energy in your body as it is a great source of vital and important antioxidants. Your blood stream is filtered by these biological chemicals as they remove free radicals out of your bodies system. As a supplement this better can possibly help you lose fat as long as you are working out and eating well. If you over eat and don’t workout then don’t bother. Your digestive and immune system can benefit from taking this supplement. This is one of the reasons it is called a super food.

The Acai berry grows in Central American palm trees and is harvested and brought to market.


Question: Can you find RMX at GNC?

Answer: It is sold online and also sold on I have not seen it sold at GNC yet.

Question: Is this the product that is advertised on ESPN?

Answer: It has been advertised on the ESPN magazine and other men’s journals.

Question: I am taking Rip MX but haven’t been able to work out much. How come this stuff doesn’t work?

Answer: You will have to work out diligently for 30 days and eat clean in order to see any results from supplements. This is not a magic pill to take and then sit on the couch and eat donuts. You have to get out of your old bad habits and start new ones. It takes 21 days to form a new habit so get started today.

Question: How long does it take to work and what kind of results can I see immediately?

Answer: You can see results after 30 days if you workout hard and eat good clean fuel and make sure that you sleep at least 8 hours. Take a photo of yourself in a mirror when you first start out. Compare those results thirty days later. You will not see immediate results – it will take several weeks of discipline.

Question: Does RMX help with ED?

Answer: According to the their info it can help with ED. I personally don’t have that problem but I do know that lifting heavy with weights can help you increase your testosterone levels.

More 3rd-Party, Real Reviews on RMX

Customer Charles M:
“Been looking for a good workout supplement and checking out Youtube videos and all.  I came across RMX and decided to give the free trial a go and use it with Elite Test 360.  I am no spring chicken as I am over 50 and have been working a desk job for most of my days.  But I still like to workout and get a pump, you know — I am looking to stay fit. I read some reviews you know where guys are all lazy and think that RMX will give them muscle without working out. That is crazy. You have to do hard work and eat good to gain muscle. But taking this helps as i go to my local gym regularly! After 60 days of working out i noticed that i have dropped a few pounds of fat and my lady says that i have built on some muscle. That is all I ask for, you know.”

Review by Jimmy:
ripped muscle x review RMXI was skeptical at first and then my brother ordered the free trial and he split it with me.  We lift weights in the garage together and get our pump on.  We took pictures before and after and other guys in the neighborhood asking about our gains. We told them it is a secret sauce.  RMX is good stuff! Even though we split it the price is a little bit high for us as we are not super wealthy but we like to build up a pump.

Our workout routine is tough as we lift weights in the garage for an hour and get a good sweat on. Then we run together for 3 miles or do some pull ups – and do this 4 times a week. Either one is good but you have to workout.”

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