Sheer Strength Testosterone Reviews

Sheer Strength Testosterone Review by GEO:
sheer strength testosterone reviewsFirst off, I’m not a product spokesman or associated with Sheer Strength Labs in any way.
I started taking this supp about 5 days ago.
2 caplets per day.

I wanted to wait till the last moment to review this supp.

I have been working out more lately also – feeling better and noticing this morning that my skin is starting to tighten up around my face and under my chin which is cool since I’ve been noticing a decline in tissue rigidity and experiencing sag ever since hitting 43 yrs old.

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..more review from GEO:
sheer strength labs reviewThe day before yesterday my appetite returned and I ate two 8oz ribeyes and a bowl of rice and 3 drumsticks for dinner.
I am usually completely exhausted from bouncing around in a truck driving for 6+ hours a day in my delivery job but yesterday (7-27-14) after work I stopped and vacuumed and handwashed my car then went home and mowed the whole lawn, cleaned the gutters, weed whacked the whole property and after the blower wouldn’t start I just said f-it and took a hand broom and swept the whole street, sidewalks and porch.
It’s been a gradual building of energy that seems to last over a longer time, not a lightening bolt that hits me and then its gone like a Monster energy drink.
I woke up at 4:30am today and writing this review so I’m happy so far with what I believe are legit results. I’m also using the NO2 and BCAA supps from Sheer Strength Labs.
I have’nt broke out in acne or a rash like some others claim so I’m happy that this isn’t a shock to my system and that I am getting results.
By the way, these supplements aren’t steroids…they won’t blow you up like those guys in the gym that mysteriously put on twenty pounds over the last 2 weeks so don’t expect a huge and massive blow up in muscle.

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Sheer Strength Testosterone review by Kevin W:
Being close to 40, I’ve read the studies showing the natural decline in testosterone men experience as they age, and the unfortunate side effects that causes… all of which I was personally experience. From lack of energy, weight gain and muscle loss, workouts being less effective, lower sex drive, less motivation and focus.

When a friend recommended I try this all natural testosterone booster because it worked for him, I was both highly skeptical (I thought these things were just a gimmick that didn’t actually work) and slightly intrigued because he was adamant about the results he got from it.

And now, having been using this for the past several months I am happy to be one of the many raving fans, this actually works!

My energy levels are up and gone is the constant lethargism, my workouts are much more effective and have seen the fat being replaced with muscle once again and the impact on sex drive has been a nice bonus lol

If you are like me, and highly skeptical about these natural supplements claiming to boost your testosterone, then give this one a chance for 30 days. I am very happy that I did!

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