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SEALgrinderPT reviews Intensity Nutrition – Hydrate

When I was out in Encinitas, California this past summer for SEALFIT Kokoro camp I was introduced to Intensity Nutrition’s product – Hydrate (electrolyte replacement drink). It was pretty darn warm and dry. Before the Kokoro camps I like to workout like mad and go for a long run on the beach. The SEALFIT workout... Read More

Effective Pull-Ups for Military Training by a Special Forces Operator

By a US military Special Forces Operator, RKC, name withheld to protect his status. I have a few different methods of training for pullups: Tip #1. If I am training for a Physical Fitness Test, the goal is to accomplish the maximum number of repetitions. I have found that I need to increase my total... Read More
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When Do Athletes Fail? By FitDeck Founder, Phil Black

Mental Edge Monday Topic #14: When do people fail? By Phil Black, FitDeck Cards Founder No, that is not a typo in the headline. I want to explore the “when” versus the “why” people fail in reaching their goals. We are all too familiar with the conventional reasons why most people fail to follow-through on... Read More

SEAL Multi-Vitamins Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SEAL Multi Vitamins were designed by a Navy SEAL to help supplement the diets of top athletes around the world. Unless your an Olympic athlete and have a personal chef – it is hard to make sure that every meal you eat is completed balanced and loaded with your daily nutrients. This is where SEAL... Read More

Increase your Pushups

Unlocking Your Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Your Push-Ups Push-ups are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises for building upper body strength and endurance. Whether you’re aiming to increase your fitness level, meet military requirements, or simply enhance your physique, mastering the push-up is a valuable skill. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore... Read More
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Prison Workouts

Over the last decade, several US prisons have banned weight lifting for security concerns. The prisoners were getting bionic freak strong and out of control. In the meantime the prison guards were getting soft as Silly Putty as they sat on their a**es and drank coffee and stuffed their faces with donuts and scored minimums on the... Read More
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Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book How to Improve your Pull-ups by Brad McLeod former Navy SEAL and CrossFit level 1 certified trainer Have you struggled with getting your first pull-up? Got a few pull-ups but tired of the same old dull workouts? Training for the BUD/S PST and almost have 8 pull-ups to pass the test?... Read More
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SEAL grinder PT interviews Kokoro Finisher Chris Vorzimer Interviews Lord Vadimer aka Chris Vorzimer SGPT: Tell us a little about yourself and your background coming into Kokoro? CV: I am 22 from Simi Valley, California. I am planning on joining the Navy to become a Navy SEAL. I train very hard throughout the week around 10-12 times during the week and I... Read More
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SEAL grinder PT – Interviews Kokoro Graduate Joe Butera

SEALgrinderPT checks in with Joe Butera to find out what it took to make it through Kokoro and what he took away from the experience. Joe aka “Boston Joe” is a tough cookie and has fortified his inner strength by standing tall in the face of big waves at Kokoro. Gather round Mates as Joe... Read More

SEAL grinder PT – American Legion Workout

Come join us at American Legion Post #140 at Chastain Park in Buckhead (intown Atlanta, GA) – as we jump in for a killer bodyweight workout and burn 1000 calories in one hour. This is your chance to set goals for the new year and burn off that holiday layer of extra warmth.  All workouts... Read More
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Pull-Ups: A Matter of Function

Take a look around the majority of gyms in America, and what will you see? Guys bench pressing. Guys incline pressing. Guys working their chest and arms into a state of non-functional pump. Some of these characters can even bench press decent weights without the aid of support gear (although, if I were they, I... Read More
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SEAL grinder PT Interviews Kokoro Graduate -Chris Huzyak

Check out this SEALgrinderPT interview with Chris Huzyak who is a graduate from Kokoro class 5.  Chris is a true warrior and has the ultimate dream of going through BUD/S to be an operator on a SEAL Team. SGPT: Tell us a little about your background coming into SEALFIT Kokoro? CH: As far as my athletic... Read More
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Get a Grip (Grip Strength) by Jerry Babbage

Ask a local gym rat, athlete or body builder how strong they are and you usually get a response about how much they can bench press. When was the last time you ever heard them talk about grip strength? Grip strength plays a huge role in the success of many sports but yet is highly... Read More

One of the Simplest Sports Supplements: Caffeine

Creatine may be today’s hottest sports supplement (we’ve written about it here before), but today’s blog post focuses on the athlete’s throw-back secret ergogenic weapon: caffeine. This often overlooked ingredient can help athletes stay focused and go harder, longer. In fact, we believe in the benefits of caffeine so much that we put 25mg of... Read More
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