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Ryan Moody – CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Ryan Moody, Elite Athlete Profile Height: 5’9″ Weight: 175 Age: 25 Started CrossFit: May, 2007 Training Facility: CrossFit 801 Coach/Trainer: Yes Occupation/School: CF801 Trainer and University of Utah Student Sport: World Record Jump Feats and CrossFit Ryan Moody uses PROGENEX supplements Ryan Moody CrossFit – PROGENEX Experience: I am taking RECOVERY and MORE MUSCLE. The... Read More
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Monique Gaxiola – Lingerie Football Stats – CrossFit Profile

Nickname: The Gax Date of Birth: 12/8/86 Hometown: Granada Hills, CA Place of Residence: Los Angeles, CA High School: John F Kennedy High School College: University of Southern California Height: 5’8″ Weight: 160 lbs Position (s): Middle Linebacker Training Facility: CrossFit Chatsworth Coach/Trainer: Chris Salerno/Tom Griffin Played on the women Trojans Soccer team in college.... Read More
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SEALgrinderPT Interviews Alpinist Steve House

SGPT: Tell us who is Steve House? SH: I’m a 40 year old Alpinist living in Colorado. I work for Patagonia developing technical product and consult with other climbing brands including Grivel (ice climbing gear), Metolius (rock climbing gear), and LaSportiva for boots. I am also an author, having published my first book, Beyond the... Read More
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Hillacious Event Challenges CrossFit Crew

On July 17th the Hillacious CrossFit competition kicked in. As part of the Garage Games and hosted by CrossFit Dahlonega the event lived up to it’s name – with hills, steep hills and long hills. Did I mention there were hills? Although the weather was hotter than Georgia asphalt earlier in the week- nice weather rolled in... Read More

Progenex Recovery – A Scientific Review Article

PROGENEX RECOVERY . by Progenex: Scientific Review Article Scientific Review of Whey Protein Hydrolysates and Sports Performance Sports performance is associated with several physiological challenges:dehydration, depletion of muscle fuels, increased oxidant formation, mechanicaldamage to muscle, oxidation of essential amino acids leading to immunesuppression and low recovery from exercise. Therefore, many athletes look for an edge... Read More

Peel Back the Layers

Physical exertion is a great tool to work the muscle of the mind. Mental conditioning is the ultimate venue to develop and better your self. A great method to improve your self both physically and mentally is to visualize your future self. That is to see your self as you want to appear accomplishing your... Read More
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Building a Better American Made Jump Rope

Why is it that no one is stepping up to make an American made jump rope with all American parts?  This country was founded on guys and gals working their butts off in the garage coming up with cool stuff to wow the world.  Ever heard of Steve Jobs and Apple?  It all starts with... Read More
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Interview with Climber and Poet – Pat Ament

SEALgrinderPT is very pleased to post up this interview with legendary climber Pat Ament.  A rennaissance man in every sense of the word, Pat is not only a great boulderer and climber but also a poet, musician and filmmaker.  Sit back and enjoy this great interview from one of the true masters of the beautiful sport of... Read More
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SEALgrinderPT Interviews Shane Smith

Questions from our SGPT athletes. Question: Coach; I want to train for a GORUCK light that is coming up in the spring.  I am not in shape so how do I get started? Answer: Good question. I would start by walking in your neighborhood and then slowly add a 10 lb weight vest. Check out... Read More

Mental Conditioning Coaching

Mental Conditioning Coaching By Brad McLeod, Navy SEAL and CrossFit level 1 certified trainer What is the purpose of using a Mental Conditioning Coach?  A coach can help an individual understand how to untap the unlimited potential of your brain in order to push your body to new levels.  The difference between a Psychologist and... Read More
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How Creatine Can Help Your Workouts

How Creatine Can Help Your Workouts You have heard all the buzz at the gym – what is this stuff called “Creatine”? There are many questions regarding the safety and the efficiency of Creatine in workouts. Check out these question and answers (Q&A) in the article below to help you understand some of the truths... Read More

SEALgrinderPT Mental Conditioning Audio Series – GOALS

Goals for Workouts and Life Want to become part of the top 1 percenters on this planet? What do great athletes like Michael Jordan, Herschel Walker, Bruce Lee and Tiger Woods all know and practice daily? Learn to master goals. Write them down, work on details, set a date and be passionate. Most people spend... Read More

Amir Sadollah: MMA Elite Fighter Profile

Amir Sadollah MMA Elite Fighter Profile Name Amir Sadollah Record 5 – 3 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw) Wins 2 Submissions ( 40 %) 3 Decisions ( 60 %) Losses 1 (T)KOs ( 33.33 %) 2 Decisions ( 66.67 %) Association Throwdown Height 5’11” (181cm) Weight 170lbs (78kg) Birth Date 1980-08-27 Age 31... Read More
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SEALgrinderPT – Mental Conditioning Audio Series

The SECRET UnderGround Bunker – Lost Tape Series Power Packed Audio’s To Build Your Mental Edge Mental Preparedness 88 minute audio download $9.99 on SALE now $2.99 Recorded live in the infamous SEALgrinderPT underground bunker. Learn the inner mind info that the enemy does NOT want you to know. Everyone talks about physical training and how... Read More
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