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Chad Augustin CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Chad Augustin CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile Region: Northern California Team: RCF Honey Badgers Affiliate: Rocklin CrossFit Age:38 Height: 5’7″ Weight: 170 lb Occupation:  Fire Captain, Sacramento Fire Department.  I also work part-time for PHI Air medical out of Modesto California.  It is a life flight helicopter.  Super fun job Family:  Married to Sandra Augustin.  Sandra... Read More

Armand McCormick CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Age:29 Height:5′ 10″ Weight:188 lbs Hometown:Waterloo Armand has been CrossFitting for about 2 years. Armand McCormick uses PROGENEX supplements Best Lifts Squat:385 lbs Clean:275 lbs Snatch:237 lbs Deadlift:500 lbs Find Out What Your Fellow Supp Fans Can’t Get Enough Of! See’s TOP 50 selling products! Best Times Fran:2:14 Grace:1:41 Helen:– Filthy 50:– Sprint (400m):0:58... Read More

Jump Rope Care Tips

If your going to workout hard with the jump rope you will need to take care of your jump rope to keep it in working condition. Here are a few jump rope care tips. 1. Dont jump outside on asphalt or concrete – this will chew up your rope. 2. Put a thin yoga mat... Read More
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Heather Bergeron – CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Heather Bergeron CrossFit Athlete Profile Height: 5’5″ Weight: 131 lbs. Age: 33 Started CrossFit: Fall, 2007 Training Facility: CrossFit New England Coach/Trainer: Ben Bergeron Occupation/School: Stonehill College Studying: English/Philosophy Supplement Use: I just started using PROGENEX regularly a few months before the Games this year, and can’t live without it now. I take PROGENEX approximately... Read More

SGPT Interviews CrossFit Elite Athlete Jon Alexander

SGPT: Tell us about yourself. Jon Alexander: Well I am 24 years old, I grew up here in central Iowa. I am a police officer here in the metro. I just graduated from the Police Academy the end of december. That was a 4 month process. SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up?... Read More
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Interview with CrossFIt Elite Athlete Brandon Phillips gets a great interview with top Crossfit athlete Brandon Phillips. He has been to the CrossFit Games 3 years running and is a beast athlete. SGPT: Tell us about yourself. Brandon Phillips: Brad, first I would like to say thank you for asking me for the interview. My name is Brandon Phillips, I am... Read More
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Linda Leipper CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Linda Leipper    CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile Nickname: LL Height: 5’4”  Weight: 125 Age: 42 Linda Leipper Started Crossfit: July 2007 Video from the 2010 OC Throwdown where Linda Leipper took 1st Place Linda Leipper uses Progenex Protein Training Facility: CrossFit Marina Coach/Trainer: Denise and Steve Serrano Occupation/School: Santa Clara University Linda Leipper on Supplements:... Read More

Chastity Layne Slone – CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Chastity Layne Slone – CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile Chastity Layne Slone – CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile... Read More
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Easy Strength Review

Easy Strength Review Check out Easy Strength Ebook by Pavel and Dan John The new book from entitled “Easy Strength” is getting great reviews – check out this list of top trainers explaining their take on Easy Strength Review Ebook. Easy Strength REVIEW by Chip Morton – “For me, now 27 years into my... Read More
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SGPT Interviews StrongWoman Kelsey Nagel

SGPT Interviews Strong Woman Kelsey Nagel SEALgrinderPT: Tell us about yourself. Kelsey Nagel:I am 26 years old and was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I have been active my entire life playing soccer, volleyball and running track. I went to University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA for college on a soccer scholarship and... Read More
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Matt Hathcock CrossFit Athlete Interview

SGPT: Tell us about yourself. MH: My name is Matt Hathcock. I am 26 years old and live in Morrison, CO. I have a lovely girlfriend, Shannan, our dog Tron and a cat named Nermal. Being a CrossFit box owner and a CrossFit athlete my life is CrossFit everyday. I am definitely not complaining. SGPT:... Read More
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Rory Hanlin CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile Interview

SGPT: Tell us about yourself. Rory Hanlin: I’m a soldier, father, competitor SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up? Rory Hanlin: I was a three and four sport athlete in high school. In college I was a competitive judo player and did physical training in my college’s ROTC program. I have always participated... Read More
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Nate Schrader CrossFit Elite Athlete Interview

SGPT: Tell us about yourself. Nate Schrader: I am a Christian, am married to my amazing wife Emily and have been blessed to train myself and others for a living. SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up? NS: I played baseball when i was younger. I wrestled, played football and ran track for... Read More

Top 10 CrossFit Workouts

Top 10 CrossFit Workouts 1. CrossFit Baseline 2. Angie 3. Cindy 4. Elizableth 5. Diane 6. Murph 7. Jackie 8. Badger 9. Kelly 10. Nancy Honorable Mention: 3. Nicole 2. Barbara 1. Helen Top 10 CrossFit Workouts... Read More
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