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PurePharma D3 Reviews

Vitamin D3 is naturally synthesized in your skin through exposure to the sun’s rays. Low UV index, winter seasons, sunscreen and shade prevents us from producing D-Vitamin ourselves. Maximize Results with Omega-3 PurePharma products are specially designed to work synergistically with each other. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin – Take it with your... Read More
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Gear Review: SOG Powerplay Multitool

SOG does it again with another field ready piece of hardware : the SOG Powerplay Multitool. While Special Operations Gear aka SOG is known for mainly its blades, the SOG Powerplay will serve the user as well as a Leatherman or comparable device. SOG thought outside the box, by incorporating a proprietary Compound Leverage system. It... Read More
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Gear Review: E+E Tools

We always talk about bugout bags, survival kits, and the like (we meaning the entire preparedness community). But I don’t think we spend enough time talking about E+E – or Escape and Evasion. These are items which need to be considered in the event of unlawful detainment, and could be lifesaving in an emergency. While... Read More

PurePharma Fish Oil Reviews

PurePharma Omega-3 fish oil is now known as Puori.  This product is made from small fish and is molecularly distilled twice to reduce mercury, PCB and dioxin levels. PurePharma Omega-3 is certified and tested for purity and freshness by the independent laboratory IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) and is awarded 5 out of 5 stars.... Read More

SFH Push reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for SFH Push and you decide if it is good enough to be a part of your workouts. Review by Jim N: I have been taking SFH PUSH Fruit Punch for over a month now and before my early morning workouts. The taste is ok but I like it... Read More
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Salewa Hike trainer vs Danner Mountain 600 Boots Review

Check out the reviews, videos and tips for the Salewa hike trainer vs Danner mountain 600 boots and you decide which ones are good enough for you feet on your next long hike. TIP #1: The Salewa Hike Trainer GTX Hiking Shoe has a nubuck synthetic fabric upper and GoreTex to help it breath. The sole... Read More

Gnarly Hydrate: What You Need To Know

Gnarly Hydrate is one of the ultimate hydration products for any activity. As you work out, dehydration slowly sets in, making you tired. But, with this product, expect to be kept hydrated during the entire session. Given that it is made of electrolytes, vitamin B, and 72 trace minerals, this supplement gives you the energy... Read More

SUUNTO Core Crush Altimeter Watch Review

SUUNTO Core Crush Altimeter Watch Review... Read More

Features, Pros and Cons of Gnarly Whey

The Gnarly Whey is from New Zealand grass-fed cows that are free from pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. Its manufacturer stands by its clean sport reputation and quality ingredients so it can produce premium quality product at a competitive price. Whey proteins are fast becoming popular because of their numerous benefits. Your body needs protein for... Read More
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My Honest Gnarly Pump Review

Gnarly Nutrition is one of those companies that challenge bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts alike to crush all barriers and go above and beyond the ordinary. This unique brand lets you expand your possibilities and get the body you’ve always wanted. Being committed to offering the highest quality nutritional products, Gnarly has made a name for... Read More

Bonk Breaker Energy Chews Review

Just received a care package in the mail from with samples of Bonk Breaker energy chews. Going out on a long mountain bike ride in north Florida right now to test the taste and how well these chews digest and give me energy during the ride. Out of the wrapper these taste great with... Read More
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Gear Review: Condor Outdoor Cobra Gun Belt

I have quite a few belts, who doesn’t. But I only have one or two I wear on the range, and the Condor Cobra Tactical Belt is one of them. It’s stiff, sturdy, holds up, and fits through most belt loops, or you can wear externally like a battle belt. The Cobra Gun Belt features... Read More

New Balance Abyss vs Under Armour Speed Freak

Check out the reviews, videos and comparisons for the New Balance Abyss vs the Under Armour Speed Freak and you make the best decision of which boot for your feet. New Balance Tactical Abyss Boot Review by Blake mitchell They ran small unlike a lot of boots that run big so I had to exchange... Read More
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Skratch Labs vs Nuun review

We get a lot of questions about what kinds of liquid to use when doing long endurance events and wanted to look at a comparison of Skratch labs vs Nuun tablets. I am carrying both in my pouch on my bike now and use them during long rides. The photo shows the fruit chews but... Read More
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