How To Build a CrossFit Home Gym

Thinking about cleaning up your garage and creating a home gym? Need ideas on converting a small garage to crossfit training room? Check out these tips on how to build a CrossFit home gym.

how to build a rogue fitness crossfit garage gym

Tip #1
Clean out your garage and move your car.

You will feel a lot better just from doing this. Trust me.
Decide if your going to build your own (do it yourself “DIY”) or have it all delivered – or a combination of both.

Outline and think it through. If you plan now you may be able to add on items later. Mike McGoldrick explains how he installed his squat rack and added a pull up bar afterwards.

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Tip #4
Look for options to have dual purpose. A Yoke of Goergen can be used as a pull up bar, a sled and a squat rack. Convenient.

Tip #5
Use Chalkboard paint in a garage gym. A must have. Just paint it on and it looks like a chalk board that you can easily write on. Great tip.

Check out this article on How to Build a Pull Up bar in a Garage Gym:

Tip #6
Look to save cost and space with items like adjustable dumbbells. Then you don’t have to buy a full set of dumbbells. These can also double as your kettle bells and for farmers carries.

Tip #7
Try to buy used gear if you can. In some cases you may be able to get $10k in gear for $500.

Tip #8
“How do you sell this idea to your wife – or girlfriend?”  First off – have a wifey or GF who works out.  Second – buy her a sweet women’s barbell like “The Bella”. She will love you for that.

Questions from athletes in our gym and online.

Question: Where can I buy gym chalk in bulk for my garage gym? My buddies are all going to pitch in?

Check out Ader Gym Chalk as you can buy it in a 8 block box and it is under $16 so pretty cheap. Better than trying to buy it one block at a time.

Question: What do i need for a home gym? For a regular home gym I would have a bench press, dip bar, barbell and bumper plates.

Question: What do i need for a CrossFit home gym? I would add in a set of gym rings, wall ball, jump rope and a sled to pull.

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