EXF Rings vs TRX Suspension Trainer

exf rings vs suspension trainerCheck out these reviews, videos and comparisons of EXF Rings vs TRX Suspension Trainer and you decide which one is best for your home gym.

EXF Rings Review by Nick:
The Pros:
-Designed for fast set up and usage anywhere. I prefer to hang them from a football goalpost when outdoors. Indoors, I suspend them from holes drilled in floor joists in basement ceiling.
-Easy to level the rings using the length marked straps.

Video – Elite EXF Rings Review

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Review of EXF Rings vs Rogue Rings from Scooter
I went for these (EXF) rings versus the Rogue rings because these have a quick way to measure the strap length which works great. I can slap these up at the gym, do my thing and move on without much fuss.

Video – TRX Suspension Trainer Review

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Review of EXF Rings vs TRX Suspension Trainer from Polymath
I’ve been working out (mostly weightlifting) for 4 decades. This is a product that is definitely worth having. There is nothing else that can duplicate the unique benefits of working out with rings. When I started, I could not even hold myself up without shaking all over. 7 weeks later, I can do repetition leg raises and the rings barely move. At a typical dip station, I can do dips with weight attached to me; on the rings, I had to work up to doing a single dip. By using rings for dips and pushups, I’ve added weight to my bench press. By doing body rows on rings, I’ve increased my pullup reps significanly (and I’m in my 50’s, 6’4″ and 220#, so I’m not exactly built for doing lots of pullups.)

Video – Elite EXF Rings Review – Workout Superset

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Review of EXF Rings from Jingleheimer
These rings are really great. They are light weight yet very durable. The handles provide a slight padding and make them very comfortable. And the textures give them a nice feel and ability to hold chalk and reduce slippage. The measured webbing is a great touch which should have been thought of long ago. And the quick S buckles are very easy to use if you move your rings around a lot or set them up outside on trees, playgrounds, goal posts, etc.

Video – TRX Suspension Trainer Review

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Review of EXF Rings vs TRX Suspension Trainer from Daniel S.
I have used these (EXF Rings)for Crossfit workouts for some time now. The initial setup takes a few minutes but following the instructions makes it simple. I found a corresponding video by searching “EXF setup video”. After initial setup is complete, future setup and take down is quite fast. Also it is very easy to adjust the measurements on the webbing which is a huge time saver. Last, while I was already familiar with ring workouts, the included E-book opened my eyes to some alternate workout variations and improved my technique.

How do I go about attaching TRX straps to ceiling joists ? Check out this video that show how to set up an anchor for the TRX in the ceiling.

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: “Coach, which one do you prefer, gymnastic rings vs suspension trainer? We have both at our gym as there are great uses for each.

Question: Which do you recommend with the trx vs jungle gym xt? We have a TRX in our gym but check out this video with side by side comparisons.

Question: What is a good trx suspension training alternative? Using gym rings is a good alternate.

Question: Do you have any reviews for the Rip 60 vs IM Rings? Yes; check out reviews for IM Body Weight Training Rings or Rip:60 here.

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EXF Rings vs TRX Suspension Trainer

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