Miranda Oldroyd CrossFit Athlete Profile

Miranda Oldroyd CrossFit Athlete Profile
Miranda Oldroyd TattooNickname: Mo
Height: 5 ft 6 inches
Weight: 140
Born/Age: 1993/40
Started Crossfit: November 2007
Training Facility: CrossFit 801
Coach/Trainer: Myself, my husband Tyson, CrossFit HQ staff
Occupation/School: Gym owner/trainer, CrossFit HQ

Typical Training Week:
I follow a 3 on 1 off with strength work that was actually a result of trying to come back from an injury but just stuck. I also try to work on weaknesses.

Video- A glimpse of Miranda Oldroyd Tattoo in a Fran workout

CrossFit Stats
Fran: 3:50
Cindy: 20
Helen: 10:20
Grace: 2:30
Filthy Fifty: 24:04
Max Pull-ups (Butterfly): 40 (kip)
Deadlift: 305#
Bench: 140×5
Squat: 225
Snatch: 125
Squat Clean: 185
Power Clean: 185
Clean & Jerk: 170

Miranda Oldroyd CrossFit bio: She is married is listed on CrossFit top 10 hottest girl athletes.

2016 1439th 74th Southern California
2015 309th 22nd Northern California
2014 223rd 26th Northern California
2013 153rd 15th Northern California
2012 136th 13th Northern California


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