Miranda Oldroyd Tattoo

Miranda Oldroyd Tattoo

Miranda Oldroyd TattooNickname: Mo
Height: 5 ft 6 inches
Weight: 140
Age: 27
Started Crossfit: November 2007
Training Facility: CrossFit 801
Coach/Trainer: Myself, my husband Tyson, CrossFit HQ staff
Occupation/School: Gym owner/trainer, CrossFit HQ

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Miranda Oldroyd Tattoo: tribal tattoo on ribcage

Video – Miranda Oldroyd muscle up workout:

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Miranda Oldroyd Typical Training Week:
I follow a 3 on 1 off with strength work that was actually a result of trying to come back from an injury but just stuck. I also try to work on weaknesses.

Video- A glimpse of Miranda Oldroyd Tattoo in a Fran workout

Miranda Oldroyd uses PROGENEX supplements

Miranda Oldroyd CrossFit Stats
Fran: 3:50
Cindy: 20
Helen: 10:20
Grace: 2:30
Filthy Fifty: 24:04
Max Pull-ups (Butterfly): 40 (kip)
Deadlift: 305#
Bench: 140×5
Squat: 225
Snatch: 125
Squat Clean: 185
Power Clean: 185
Clean & Jerk: 170

Video – Miranda Oldroyd at CrossFit Games

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Miranda Oldroyd CrossFit bio: She is married and considered hot as she is listed on CrossFit top 10 hottest girl athletes.

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More Miranda Oldroyd tattoo

Miranda Oldroyd Tattoo

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