Rich Froning merchandise

rich froning merchandiseThe hottest name in CrossFit now is Rich Froning. Mention his name and everyone knows who he is and wants to know more about what he eats, how he lifts, sleeps and what he wears.

Like it or not – that is what athletes want to know.

Rich Froning merchandise and gear

He wears Spy sunglasses during workouts like the Spy Optic Hailwood Polarized Sunglasses

Check out the book First: What It Takes to Win. Learn more about what Rich went through in training and on the center stage in competition.

This book will give you a good inside look at the making of a great athlete.

A question we get a lot is “What is the shirt Rich Froning wears?”.

He used Progenex protein recovery for several years but then got a big contract with BSN.

Rich wears Reebok CrossFit Lifters during competition.


What shoes does Rich Froning wear?

He has signed a long term contract with Reebok.

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