Top 10 CrossFit Tunes 2013

crossfit tunesYou walk into the gym with a smile on your face. You got the new MP3 album from Eminem (or whatever your fav band is…). You get warmed up while your buddy cues up the iPhone. Chalk up.. hit the timer. You can hear the beats now as you commence to hit your favorite WOD with your tunes crash in’ round your head.

What are your favorite CrossFit tunes for 2013?

Post up in the comments below. We will tally up the votes and list them up for all to view. Thanks!

from Donovan…
Breakin’ a Sweat- Skrillex
Hollow- Alice In Chains
Dope Boys- The Game

from Matt…
Eminem – Berzerk, Not Afraid, Lose Yourself, Rap God, Till I Collapse

from Brandon..
You Could Be Mine – Guns n’ Roses
Good Time Boys – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Kick Start My Heart – Motley Crüe

from Chris..
Machine Gun Blues – Social Distortion
Cool Song No. 2 – MGMT
Bodies – Drowning Pool (A Classic lol)
99 Problems – Jay Z
Trapped under ice – Metallica
North America – The Motorleague

from Val..
Depending on the day, either hard rock or gangster rap. I also like R&B or jazz for long runs.

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