CrossFit Home Gym Essentials

crossfit home gym essentialsCrossFit has been a major boom for athletes around the world and their garage gyms.

We are seeing Crossfit home gyms pop up all over and the occasional group meeting in a local playground.

Check out this of essential CrossFit gear that you will need for your home gym or garage gym.

For the absolute basics to get started with a CrossFit Home Gym – all you really need is an Olympic barbell, a set of bumper plates, and a set of rings.

With these items you can perform more than 50% of the CrossFit workouts as written and substitute for most of the rest.

Video: What Are The Best Barbells Bumper Plates to Buy For a CrossFit Gym?

crossfit girl hot overhead squat bumperYou can get the $150 Three Hundred Pound weight set at the local sporting good store and outgrow it in a few months, or for just a little bit more, you can buy a nice bar, solid rubber bumpers and barbell collar that you will never outgrow.

After that you can add items as your interest or fitness level grows. With the items below you can build a World-Class Strength and Conditioning Facility right in your garage.

We started out at a local track training individual athletes. As our group grew in size we moved to our garage gym and driveway. Eventually we moved and slowly build a successful CrossFit Affiliate. We get asked everyday what equipment we recommend and if we have reviews and feedback.

During this time, we gained a lot of knowledge about equipment that we felt would be helpful to new and experienced CrossFitters in their homes as well as people putting together commercial gyms. The information below includes links to just about everything you could possibly want for an effective strength and conditioning facility so that you can compare products and prices. It also includes some opinions from message boards as well as my own opinion about several products.

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CrossFit Home Gym Essentials List
Table of Contents:

Equipment Packages
Bumper Plates
Steel Weights and Change Plates
Medicine Balls
Squat Stands, Racks and Systems
Glute Ham Developers, and Revers Hyperextension Machines
Safety Stands
Pull-up Bars
Plyo Boxes
Lifting Platforms
Bumper Racks and Bar Racks
Weightlifting Shoes
Jump Ropes
Climbing Ropes
Assisted Pull-up Bands
Strongman Equipment
MMA Equipment
Reading Material
Miscellaneous items

CrossFit How to Build a Garage Gym Rogue Style

CrossFit Box Equipment Packages:
Lets start off the list with equipment packages. These packages offer everything you need to get started either in a home gym or an affiliate.

Everything you need for a home gym

Economy Equipment Packages
The CrossFit SoCal Economy package includes:
160LB ROGUE Hi-Temp Bumpers – Includes pairs of 10, 25, and 45LB plates
Rogue Beater Bar
Pair of Spring Collars
Pair of ROGUE Wood Rings
Dynamax Medicine Ball (Choose size in the cart)
24kg/53lb/1.5 pood Rogue Kettlebell

Affiliate Packages
Outfit a whole affiliate with a single order

Military Packages
Packages designed specifically for military units around the world.

CrossFit Barbells:
Mike Burgener and Mark Rippetoe have teamed up with industry leader York Barbell to provide the ultimate Olympic weightlifting/powerlifting bar that is perfect for CrossFit workouts.

The B&R Bar by York Barbell is produced to their precise specifications. It has a 29 mm shaft with a 200,000 lb. yield strength, marked for both powerlifting and weightlifting movements. It is made from elevated temperature drawn high tensile steel for maximum strength and flexibility. It features the perfect light weightlifting knurl that has made York Barbell famous, with a center knurl for squats and an extra half-inch of smooth steel between the knurls to protect your shins during deadlifts, cleans, and snatches. Manufactured with sintered bushings in the sleeves for reliable spin and low maintenance, and with sleeves attached with the same bulletproof end caps used on York competition weightlifting bars, the B&R is designed for heavy commercial gym use in a wide variety of training environments.

Most barbell manufacturers add chrome or other plating material to their bars to prevent discoloration from rust — it is not there to improve performance. The B&R Bar by York Barbell bar is made for serious lifting, not for looking shiny on the rack. No coating can ever match the look and feel of natural steel, and this quality old-school bar will age to a natural oxidized finish that matures along with your training and experience. This is the last bar you will ever have to buy. It will join the many tens of thousands of bars made by York Barbell since the 1950’s that are still going strong. This bar is also available in a 25 mm 15 kg women’s version that is identical to the York women’s olympic training bar with the additon of the second knurling mark and same plain steel finish of the men’s bar.

Rogue Bar
The Rogue Bar is a 28.5 mm (men’s ) and 25 mm (women’s) bar with no center knurling and both powerlifting and Olympic lifting knurling marks. This bar has the famous Rogue knurling.

Rogue Barbell video

The Rogue bar features high quality brass bushings for reliable spin, and will whip enough for use in Olympic Weightlifting. The shaft is coated with black zinc and the sleeves chrome plated. GUARANTEED FOR LIFE AGAINST BENDING AND/OR COLLARS FALLING OFF BY MANUFACTURER

Rogue Castro Bar
The Rogue Castro Bar is a 28.5 mm bar with no center knurling and both powerlifting and Olympic lifting knurling marks. This bar has the same great Rogue knurling. It features high quality brass bushings for reliable spin, and will whip enough for use in Olympic Weightlifting. The shaft is bare steel for the ultimate grip without being sharp. This bar is bare steel and just like any fine piece of machined steel this will require some upkeep. Occasionally brushing the bar down with 3 in 1 oil or WD-40 will create a beautiful patina look. This is how bars were made for decades and this creates an unmatched feel. GUARANTEED FOR LIFE AGAINST BENDING AND/OR COLLARS FALLING OFF BY MANUFACTURER. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this bar go to the families of two fallen Navy SEALs.

Rogue Burner Bar
The Rogue Burner Bar is a 28.5MM 20KG Men’s training bar that does not have any coating on the bar. This bar is made with High Tensile Strength steel and is a work of art. The knurl is perfect, there is something special about a bar right out of the lathe! This bar can be used for heavy Olympic or Power Lifting movements. The sleeve has the classic bronze bushing and snap ring design.

Rogue Training Bars
The Rogue Training Bars are IWF Spec. Olympic weightlifting bars guaranteed for life by the manufacturer. MADE IN THE USA out of the best materials available. The line includes a 28 mm men’s weightlifting bar with bushings and the Elite bearing bar with 5 needle bearings per sleeve. All are zinc coated for the best feel around with perfect knurling. These bars are also available in 25 mm 15 kg women’s versions and the more economical 28.5 mm men’s version (guaranteed for one year). You can not find a better weightlifting bar at any price.

Rogue Beater Bar
The Rogue Beater Bar is a 31 MM bar with no center knurling and has powerlifting marks. The shaft is black zinc and the sleeves are bright zinc coated.

This bar is not made for competitive Olympic lifts, it is meant to be the bar that takes a high rep beating where the diameter of the shaft is not essential. The sleeve is assembled with a pin design.

York Competition/Training Barbells
York Competition/Training Barbells Olympic bars with Satin Chrome finish are made from elevated temperature drawn high tensile steel for maximum strength and flexibility.Sintered bushings, impregnated with oil, facilitate free and constant rotation of the bar without allowing for counter-rotation of the weights. Sleeves are machine-finished to a precise 1.975-inch diameter. They are available in 3 Styles.

Men’s 20 kg. USA Olympic Training Bar
(2200 mm, 28 mm) TBK-20 (32002) Designed for Olympic-style lifting movements.

Women’s 15 kg USA Olympic Training Bar
(2010 mm, 25mm) TBK-15 (32003) Designed for Olympic-style lifting movements.

7 ft long USA Power Bar
(1500# test, 29 mm, Satin Chrome) DPB-1500 (32004) Designed for static lifting movements, i.e., Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift.

North American Men’s Needle Bearing Bar by York Barbell
Years of precision engineering and tooling earned York Barbell a reputation for building some of the finest Olympic Competition and Power Bars in the industry. York applied its vast knowledge in bar design and produced perhaps the highest quality, most functional and attractive imported Olympic Bars today. York applied its signature “split sleeve” to each bar and designed a precision internal dual roll pin sleeve assembly. The replacement of the outmoded bolt sleeve assembly means the bar will not loosen or detach. Each bar is heat tempered. The hard chrome finish is more durable and decreases the liability associated with the chipping, cracking or peeling common with the use of bright chrome.
These bars are perfect for everyday uses around the garage, basement, or even a full-fledged training facility.

Project Mayhem Essential Garage Gym with Rich Froning

York’s Hard Chrome International Bars are also available in a needle-bearing bar and is an excellent choice for Olympic-style movements. The needle bearings ensure smooth, consistent rotation of the sleeves. The Men’s Bar is 7 feet long, 28 mm, and heat-tempered. Also available is a Women’s Bar that is 6.5 feet long, 25 mm, and heat- treated.

The needle bearing bars are perfect for training the Olympic movements with lighter weights or for any CrossFit workout. They spin freely and the hard chrome coating is extremely durable and easy to clean. The knurling is a bit deeper than the Pendlay bars, but makes up for the slicker coating. We have been using ours at Rogue for over 2 years and is a staple for moderate weight O-lift work and WODs. The black-oxide/hard chrome bars are a welcome addition to our inventory. These bars fill the gap left by more expensive weightlifting and power bars. They are suitable for any of the power (slow) lifts or for light weight WODs. Perfect for leaving in a power rack, backup for more expensive bars, or for a beginning garage gym. And, they come in choice of finish and size! What more could you want? The “Ultra-Lite” bar is an aluminum technique bar that is the perfect starter bar for teaching beginners the technique of the Olympic lifts. It can also be used as a scaled-weight bar for CrossFit workouts.

7 foot International Hard Chrome Bar
(32 mm, 1500# test bar) IB-1500 (32012)

7 foot International Hard Chrome Bar
(30 mm, 1000# test bar) IB-1000 (32013)

6 foot International Hard Chrome Bar
(30 mm) IB-72 (32014)

5 foot International Hard Chrome Bar
(30 mm) IB-60 (32015)

North American Men’s Needle-bearing Olympic Training Bar
(28 mm) IB-NB-M (32010)

North American Women’s Needle-bearing Olympic Training Bar
(25 mm) IB-NB-W (32011)

York “Ultra-Lite” 6′ Aluminum Bar
(28 mm) 150 lb Test

Pendlay Nexgen Bushing Class Bars
Lifetime guaranteed weightlifting training bars. Shaft diameter of 28.4mm Mens, 25MM Women’s & 10KG Made from the strongest steel available. Very rigid, will not allow much flex. Dual bushing design inside each collar. Dual snap ring design inside each collar. Bright zinc coating throughout the bar. Bright zinc absorbs into the steel reducing the risk of chipping. Single piece collar contruction – only barbell company in the world to use this method. Perfectly weighted, extremely strict weight and dimension tolerances. Made by weightlifters, for weightlifters.

Video – CrossFit Cribs at Mikes Gym

Pendlay Nexgen Bearing Class Bars
Next Generation Pendlay Bar. Shaft diameter of 25mm or 28mm. Made from high nickel content, super strong steel. Allowing maximum flexibility without bending. Only company in the US to produce barbells from this material. Five top quality, made in Germany, high speed bearings in each collar. Dual snap ring design inside each collar. Bright zinc coating throughout the bar. Bright zinc absorbs into the steel reducing the risk of chipping. single piece collar contruction – only barbell company in the world to use this method. high performance gel lubricant inside each collar. No more leaking hydraulic fluid. Perfect knurling with distinct entry and exit point. No cheese graters here! No fade in and out. Knurl points set for Olympic Weightlifting. Perfectly weighted, extremely strict weight and dimension tolerances.

Static Test – We take each bar and support it on the ends in v-blocks. We apply 2500 lbs of pressure in the center of the bar and deflect it 6 inches. They consistently return to true center within .000/.006 inches.

Dynamic Testing – It is very hard to dynamic test a barbell in a way that mimics the actual use. The only true way a bar is dynamically tested is by the bar being used for its purpose, Olympic weightlifting. To date we have tried to bend the bar and have not been able to do so. We have yet to have any bars returned because of bending. And best of all backed with the Lifetime Performance Guarantee! Made by weightlifters, for weightlifters.

The official Bar of USA Weightlifting. These are often favorably compared to Eleiko Weightlifting Bars. They come with a lifetime guarantee. They are available in both IWF certified versions and a training version. Unlike many training versions, the non-certified bar is nearly identical to the certified version.

Eleiko Olympic Bars are very highly thought of and used extensively in competition. These are often used as the gold standard that other bars are measured against. The Olympic Training Bar is available in Men’s and Women’s Versions. They also make competition bars and youth training bars.

Quality bars that are well respected for their strength. Simply the toughest Olympic bars made. They make a variety of bars at a range of quality levels.

Sorinex Power/Weightlifting Bars
Innovative and indestructible bars from the heaviest name in fitness

Below are some reviews and recommendations to help you decide
New- Burgener/ Rippetoe Bar from York
Burgener/ Rippetoe Bar vs Pendlay Economy/CF Bar
Women’s O’lifting Bar
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Differences between Oly Training & Weightlifting/Powerbars
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Olympic bars and bumper plates in Australia
Olympic Lifts – does the bar make a difference
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$400 to spend on olympic bar and weights
Pendlay Bar This includes a review of several brands of weightlifting bars by Glenn Pendlay
Pendlay Elite Bars
Women’s Oly bar
Aluminum Oly Bars for beginners
Olympic Bar
Pendlay bar and bumpers–initial review
Oly bar characteristics
Pendlay training bar
Pendlay “Crossfit Bar”
Eleiko Olympic Bar and Rubber Plates

Olympic Bar Care Discussion
Cleaning Bare Steel Bars

Bumpers and Technique Plates:

The Hi-Temps are probably the most durable training bumpers on the market. They are made from recycled rubber with solid steel inserts. They are soft and provide the maximum protection possible for your flooring and bars. Now all weights including 10 and 15 lbs are full size.

The Rogue Comp plates are built to last like Eleiko plates. Available in pounds, black rubber with steel center plates.

York Barbell
Virgin rubber training bumpers with Brass Inserts and Non-certified Competition Bumpers. The training bumpers are available in pounds and kilograms. The Competition bumpers are available only in kilograms.

Virgin rubber with Brass Inserts. Available in pounds and kilograms. Available as all black or colored.

Bigger Faster Stronger
Bigger Faster Stronger sells their own line of bumpers available in 10-45 lbs, in colored and black versions. Virgin rubber with brass inserts.

Technique plates that can actually be dropped and are solid on the ground. They were recommended by Mike Burgener and Mark Rippetoe also gave them a positive review.

Certified competition bumpers and non-certified training bumpers.

Certified Competition and training bumpers.

York Single Sided Bumper Plate Tree
A really nice option for both home gyms and commercial facilities. It will hold you bars, bumper, change and collars all in a small footprint.

York Olympic A-Frame Plate Tree
A reasonable storage option for a commercial gym.

Power Max Bar Holder #WE515
We have a few of these. They are a very space efficient way to store your bars.

York Dumbbell Racks


Rogue Bench
Probably one of the best made flat benches available. Rogue is also now making an adjustable bench

York Flat Bench STS-FB (54026)
Professional quality flat bench

TDS Bench with Dumbell Rack
Very affordable option, that includes a dumbbell rack, this sounds good unless you will be moving it around a lot.

Iron Mind Five Star Bench
Over-engineered flat bench that doubles as a plyo box.

Power Max Flat Utility Bench #WE100
Affordable flat bench.

CrossFit Racks:

Rogue Echo, Infinity, Monster Lite and Monster lines

CrossFit Dumbbells:

Dumbbells come several styles such as colored rubber coated, rubber coated, and enamel coated cast iron. For a CrossFit gym the rubber coated ones work best. A couple of the popular brands are below. If you are just working out in your garage, you may be able to get by with the enamel coated cast iron which can usually be found in your local sporting goods store.

York Dumbbells are very high quality and have been around forever. They also make a great York dumbbell Rack that is super strong.

Power Max Rubber Coated Dumbells

CrossFit Rowers:

Concept 2 Rower
The only rower out there that is worth the money.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine BlackThe dependable performance of the Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower has made it the best-selling indoor rower in the world. Recognized by competitive rowers as the standard for indoor training, the Model D delivers an effective cardiovascular workout that will increase your fitness level and tone your physique.

Model E

There is also an active used market. Check out craigslist and ebay. Model B’s can be found as low as $100 to $200. If you search you can find a Model C for less than $400. You can even occasionally find a Model D or E for sale.

Weightlifting Shoes:

Inov-8 Fastlift 335 Cross-Training Shoehas shown to be a

good weightlifting shoe and getting lots of good reviews. If you’re looking to have more stability during crossfit workouts, then these are ideal (which is exactly what I bought them for). They’re a bit narrow and low for ‘real’ lifting shoes, but they’re stable and light, much better than lifting in sneakers, imo.

Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes
They are not just good looking shoes with a well known name. These were designed for Olympians and were extremely popular at the 2008 Olympic Games. They are comfortable, stable and durable. I got a pair for my birthday. They have more lateral stability than any other lifting shoes I have used. You won’t be able to go back to your old shoes after using these.

Rogue Dowin Weightlifting Shoes
The best looking shoes out there. They also have what seems to be the optimum heel height for effective lifting. These have hard wood mid-soles.

Rogue Rip Shoes
Designed by Mark Rippetoe with 1/2′ soles specifically for powerlifting.

VS Athletics Shoes
Reasonably priced lifting shoes with wood mid-soles.

High quality lifting shoes with wood mid-soles.

Nice inexpensive lifting shoes. Wood mid-soles.

Jump Ropes:

Rx Jump Ropes
The best jump ropes made. Designed and made by a Crossfitter in San Diego. This rope is used by many top Crossfit Games Competitors.

Power Max Jump Ropes
Standard jump ropes, such as rubber and leather versions.

Super Rope Jump Ropes
Called the worlds fastest jump rope. Greased bearings, and a steel cable inside a plastic shell. In addition to being fast they are very durable.

Buddy Lee Jump Ropes
These are very fast ropes, but are not very durable. It is my opinion, that while these are good ropes for people using them at home, they are not the best choice for a gym as clients do not use the same care with equipment as individual users. The Buddy Lee’s Aero Speed Hyperformance Jump Rope is a good rope.

Climbing Ropes and Power Ropes:

Climbing ropes are available in natural (manila) and synthetic varieties. For the most part the natural ropes have a better texture for climbing, but the synthetic ropes are much stronger and more durable. The natural ropes tend to shed when used, which is a concern for some people. The synthetic ropes are generally more expensive. There are many synthetic ropes that claim to feel like natural ropes, which may be true as I have not tried every type yet.

An excellent option for a home gym or affiliate. These are have spliced eyelets so all you have to do is throw the rope over a beam and pull it through the eyelet. You can also attach them to an eyebolt using a carabiner.

Battling Ropes
These are used for workouts where you send waves down the ropes. They are very good for grip and arm strength.

American Gymnast
Manilla ropes with a steel rope clamp for attachment.

Draper and Jammar seem to carry the same high quality natural and synthetic ropes with steel rope clamps.

Draper and Jammar seem to carry the same high quality natural and synthetic ropes with steel rope clamps.

Synthetic ropes designed for gymnastics gyms.

Functional Hand Strength
Manila ropes with steel rope clamps

Accessories including I-beam and wood beam clamps for hanging your ropes.

Assisted Pull-up Bands

Iron Woody Bands
These are excellent for assisting movements, such as pull-ups, dips, and muscle ups. They are available in a variety of resistance levels.

If you don’t have a band for pull ups just do jumping pull ups.

Strongman Equipment


Slaters Atlas Stone Molds

Yoke of Goergen

Sand Bags
Used at the 2010 Crossfit Games, these bags took an incredible beating without breaking. Available in 3 sizes.

We also like the GoFit Adjustable 60 lb. Sand Bag Set

GoFit Extreme Sand Bag builds functional strength and intense endurance. The weight is unstable and shifts constantly, engaging more muscle groups with every exercise.
Rogue Sleds

MMA Equipment:

MMA Octagons

MMA Dummy Bags

MMA Gloves

Reading Material:

CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Kids Magazine

Starting Strength
by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore

Starting Strength, 3rd edition by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore

Practical Programming
Progressive and Periodized Weight Training Methods for Coaches, Trainers, and Athletes by Lon Kilgore, Mark Rippetoe and Glenn Pendlay

CrossFit DVD Videos:
Parkour Tutorials Videos DVD Vol. 1
from American Parkour

The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook The Complete Strength Workout Kit (Book, DVD, Equipment)

Rutman’s Dumbell DVD

H2H: Kettlebell Circuits by Jeff Martone
H2H: Kettlebell Circuits has proven to be the most demanding, challenging, and effective form of circuit training using a single implement – one kettle bell.
Kettlebell Rx: The Complete Guide for Athletes and Coaches by Jeff MartoneKettlebell Rx, CrossFit certification instructor and world-renowned Kettlebell coach Jeff Martone teaches you how to toughen-up your body, develop unbelievable conditioning and stamina, and acquire a chiseled physique by wielding the ball of iron known as the kettle bell.

First: What It Takes to Win By Rich Froning
Strength. Endurance. Skill. Discipline. Those are the qualities that made Rich Froning a two-time CrossFit Games champion and earned him the title of “The Fittest Man on Earth.” But it takes more than sheer physical strength to compete and win at an elite level. It takes incredible mental and spiritual toughness as well. And it is the precise balance of all three that makes Rich Froning a champion.

Miscellaneous CrossFit Items needed for a gym:
Abmat Abdominal Trainer

The only product that allows you to use your abdominal muscles safely and effectively while doing sit-ups on the ground.

The Beam Store 24-Inch Parallettes (Set of 2)

You can also make DIY parallettes with PVC pipe for $25 from Home Depot

Plans from Drills and Skills

Plans from Westside Acadamy

Rogue Parallettes
Indestructable metal parallettes used in the 2010 Crossfit Games and various Crossfit qualifiers.

PVC for Olympic Lift Training and CrossFit Warmup
$2-3 for 10 foot piece of 3/4″ or 1″ schedule 40 PVC from your local hardware store that you can cut in half.

White board
$12 for 4×12 foot sheet from you local hardware store.


TITLE Professional Fight & Gym Timer
This timer or something like it is absolutely essential for a CrossFit affiliate. It is one of the best investments we made for the gym. It has the ability to time workouts, and time intervals like Tabata or timing Fight Gone Bad. It has a variable volume beep that can be heard throughout the gym even with music playing.

Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer and Stopwatch – BLACK / YELLOW SOFTCOAT
An excellent timer for a individual CrossFitter. This is one of the best ways to time yourself for Tabata workouts.

Chalk – Good gym chalk is essential for keeping a good grip on the barbell or for doing pull ups and toe to bars. We like to buy chalk in bulk by the pound like the GSC Gym Chalk 1lb block

Airdyne Bike

Weight Vests

Hopper Deck

Crossfit Equipment GIFT CERTIFICATES

Question: Is is ok to use my Elieko barbell for a CrossFit workout? No, don’t use a nice bar for a banger workout. Use the Elieko for Olympic lifting.

Question: What is the best weight lifting equipment for a garage? Check out the list and review above.

Question: Are there ways to make homemade crossfit equipment made? Yes; if you have the time you can make your own.

Question: What about DIY garage gym crossfit gear? Yes; you can do it yourself – see the question above.

Question: Where can I find CrossFit DVDs? See the list above.

Question: Why are some CrossFit products so expensive? Most of the gear is very high quality so you will pay more for good gear.

Question: What about Eleiko vs Pendlay barbells? What about the York 6 ft bar you see on Amazon?

Which one is better? We suggest you try both out and see which barbell feels the best.

Question: Which do you prefer with the assault bike vs air dyne bike? We have the Air Dyne bike in our gym.

Question: My husband likes to CrossFit. What is the best olympic barbell for a women to start with? The 15kg FringeSport women’s barbell is the best size and barbell for women just starting out with CrossFit.

Question: Where can I find videos and photos of other crossfit home gyms for ideas and inspiration? Check out the videos above with tips and help for your CrossFit home garage gym.

Question: How much money does it cost to start a CrossFit home gym. You can start a garage gym for about $600 to $800 depending on how much gear you buy used to start your CrossFit gym.

Which do you prefer with the CFF GHD vs Body Solid GHD machines? Both are good – you can check out CFF Glute Ham Developer GHD here.

Question: can you do powerlifting movements with an eleiko bar? Yes; it is good for all lifts.

Question: What are about lynx gym systems equipment? Lynx is making good barbells and based out of Atlanta, GA. Which barbell is better between the Lynx or CFF bar? Both bars are very similar.

Question: best crossfit equipment to have at home? You will want to have a barbell, bumper plates, pull up bar and plyo box for starters.

Question: My buddies and I are working on our garage gym and look for a crossfit style rig design what do you recommend? We like the Rogue Infinity rig system.

Question: What are good outside crossfit gym flooring options? We like to use horse stall mats outside as they are basically indestructible.

Question: What are the top pieces of crossfit equipment for wods? A barbell, bumper plates, pull up bar and jump rope are the first things we would get for a CrossFit workout in your home garage gym.

Question: Where can I find crossfit equipment for sale? Check out the links above for CrossFit gear for sale.

Question: What is the best place to buy crossfit equipment? The best place to buy CrossFit equipment is Rogue Fitness, MuscleDriverUSA and

Question: Where can I find essential equipment for a crossfit garage gym? Check out the list above for a great list of gear for a CrossFit home gym.

Question: What are the best crossfit equipment companies? FringeSport, Rogue Fitness, MuscleDriver and Again Faster are considered the best CrossFit equipment companies out there right now.

Question: Where can I purchase CrossFit items in the U.S? There are several places that you can buy CrossFit gear online at Rogue Fitness and

Question: Can you buy pvc parallettes for sale at
Yes; check out the Vita Vibe Parallettes from

Question: Can I purchase a olympic weight set bumper plates Yes; check out the Power Systems Pro Olympic weight set at Amazon.

Question: Coach, your a Navy SEAL, what is an easy design for a Navy seal pull up bar? The quickest and easiest is to take a piece of 2 inch PVC pipe and drill two holes in it. Run 1 inch webbing into the ends of the pipe and then throw that over a beam or rafters in the ceiling. Make sure you rap the webbing more then once and put a piece of rubber or duck tape on the beam so that it does not saw through your webbing. If you have cable with plastic coating that works better. Cost is less than $10 and your ready to do some Navy SEAL style pull ups with a fat bar. A 2 inch bar is what the BUDS candidates use in Coronado.

Question: Have you ever heard of PowerMax soft plyo boxes? Yes; we also like TAP Safe Jump Plyo Boxes. They are also soft plyo boxes and are really good.

Question: What about 25 weight plates from golds gym with rubber gasket? Yes; check out the info and videos above.

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