Womens Olympic Barbell Reviews

Crossfit-girlWomens Olympic lifting bars are typically 25mm and weigh 15k (33 lbs). The smaller diameter bar is great for a smaller women’s hand.

Check out these Womens Olympic Barbell Reviews for the Bella Bar, Bruiser barbell, Pendlay, Fringesport and CFF women’s 15kg barbell and you be the judge which is best for your workouts.

Rogue Fitness Bella Bar Review by JeffM
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
Perfect all-around bar. The wife’s been using her Bella Bar over 2 years and it holds up to abuse like a champ. Despite being in a garage (in humid South Carolina) for all of that time, it hasn’t broken down at all. She uses it for squats, presses, oly, etc. several times a week.(Posted on 5/19/13)

FringeSport Bomba bar 15kg women’s barbell review by mirsad
5 out of 5 starts
SWEET bar for women or for people with short fingers!
I personally have huge hands, but I like to have a variety of bars for people I train/train with… So if you are a lady, or if you have small hands… and you can’t quite hook-grip the default mens 20kg 28mm bar, this womens 15kg 25mm bar is PERFECT. LOVE the finish. LOVE the knurling. No complaints on this from me, or anyone I’ve trained with it….

Video – FringeSport Bomba womens 15kg barbell

Check out the PowerMax Hybrid Weight Women’s 15kg barbell @ Amazon.com

Pendlay NexGen Womens 15kg Olympic Barbell Review by M.K.
I purchased two bars from Pendlay, 20KG and 15KG, bushing class. This is one of the best investments I have made in my training life. I’d been getting along with a used bar that was probably geared for typical gym use, like most bars are. Review by M.K.

Pendlay Bearing Bar review

Rogue Womens Bruiser barbell Review by Jimmy
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
Worth the money. I bought this bar for my daughters to do general lifting, They really like the knurling and 25mm dia. bar. The flex is good and the spin is adequate, especially for static movements. Fit and finish are also nice. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is the spin, it’s not a pendly in the spin dept., nor in the cost. If we specialized in oly lifts I would get a better bar, but we are real happy with this bar !

Cleaning Rogue Fitness Zinc barbells (including Rogue Bella bar)

Check out the CFF 15KG Womens WOD barbell @ Amazon.com

CFF Womens barbell review by Nana:
I have been crossfitting for almost 3 years and have used many lifting bars for power lifting and Olympic lifting.

Even my experience with lifting bars pre-crossfit… I am very impressed with the CFF 15KG Womens WOD barbell. Rated EXCELLENT!

Strength Shop womens barbell

Check out the York Elite Olympic Women’s 15 kg barbell @ Amazon.com

Questions from athletes in our gym and readers online.

Question: Coach, what is a good womens olympic barbell? The local CrossFit gym is now using CFF women’s 15kg bars as they are lower in cost and last just as long as a Rogue bella bar.

Question: Do you have any womens olympic bar from amazon? Yes; there are several women’s olympic barbells that you can get from Amazon.com. The PowerMax Hybrid Weight Women’s 15kg bar is available at Amazon.com

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