Brandon Pastorek CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Brandon Pastorek
Region:North Central
Team:CrossFit VisOne
Affiliate:CrossFit VisOne

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 200 lbs

Video – Brandon Pastorek CrossFit

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Brandon Pastorek CrossFit Benchmark workouts
Fran 2:27
Helen 7:30
Grace 1:19
Filthy 50 18:36
Fight Gone Bad 438
Sprint 400m 1:10
Run 5k 21:00

CrossFit – “Wittman” Hero WOD Demo with Brandon Pastorek and Krista Colson

Video – Brandon Pastorek CrossFit

Weightlifting Stats
Clean & Jerk 320 lb
Snatch 245 lb
Deadlift 505 lb
Back Squat 385 lb
Max Pull-ups 50

Brandon Pastorek holds Level I CrossFit certification and has been training for four years.  He’s completed additional CrossFit advance courses in Endurance, CrossFit Kids, and Olympic Lifting, as well as attended a CrossFit Gymnastics education seminar.  A serious CrossFit competitor, Brandon has achieved impressive results on both the individual and team level:

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games placed 21st Men’s Individual
2011 CrossFit North Central Regional’s placed 1st Men’s Individual
2010 CrossFit Games, member 9th place Team
2009 CrossFit Games placed 27th Men’s Individual
While CrossFit powers his own performance playing football, basketball, and mountain biking, Brandon believes the program allows everyone the opportunity to be as fit and healthy as possible.  “As a trainer, it’s really satisfying to watch clients using the CrossFit methodology do and achieve things they never thought they could do,” he explains.

Video – Brandon Pastorek CrossFit


Video – Brandon Pastorek CrossFit

CrossFit Open 2012 Scores
1 (24) Brandon Pastorek 16 (132) 1 (90) 4 (466) 3 (269) —

Brandon Pastorek and Matt Chan are tops in their Region in this years CrossFit Open.
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