Kenneth Leverich CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Kenneth Leverich CrossFit StatsCrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Region:Southern California
Team: DogTown CrossFit, formerly ORANGE COAST
Affiliate: DogTown CrossFit, Orange Coast CrossFit
Age:34 born 1989
Weight:170 lb

Kenneth Leverich CrossFit workout Godzilla

CrossFit Benchmark workouts
Fran 2:08
Helen —
Grace —
Filthy 50 —
Fight Gone Bad —
Sprint 400m —
Run 5k —

Weightlifting max stats
Clean & Jerk 315 lb
Snatch 255 lb
Deadlift 502 lb
Back Squat 450 lb
Max Pull-ups 62

Kenneth Leverich 1 arm power snatch with #155 barbell

Athletic background
Kenneth played football in high school and also competed in junior Olympic Weightlifting competitions. He played rugby starting his senior year, where his team won 1st in Southern California and 3rd in the nation for the under-19 division. He played “seven man” (open side flanker) as one of the forwards.

Check out this video as Kenny challenges bodybuilders at the world famous Muscle Beach in Venice, California to some weightlifting

CrossFit Competitions Results
2016 Individual Men 14th California Regional
2015 Individual Men 7th California Regional
2014 Individual Men 1st Southern California
2013 Individual Men 2nd Southern California
2012 Individual Men 2nd Southern California
2012 CrossFit Games
Camp Pendleton triathlon first leg 15th
Camp Pendleton triathlon second leg 16th
Obstacle Course 2nd
CrossFit Games 2013
the pool – 5th place

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