Killer Deep Squat Tips and Workouts

deep squat tipsEvery top athlete realizes that you need to have a strong torso and legs to be a champion at your sport. From Michael Jordan to Michael Vick – these athletes understand that legs like an oak tree equates to points on the board.

Check out this killer deep squat workout to get your legs in shape like Michael Jordan – which he does in the off season to build strength and power.

Box Squats
12 sets of 2 reps at 60 percent of 1 rep max. Using the Rogue Fitness SPX S1 squat stand put the bench inside the squat rack. With a spotter sit down to the bench and explode back up. For more tips on box squatting check out Dave Tates tips here: — more killer workouts and tips on squatting further down.

Dave Tate talks about different squats

CAP Squat Stands 

Tips to Deep Squat Properly
Keep your chest up and look forward.
* Stare outward with a neutral gaze.
* Do not look at the floor or ceiling.
* If you look at the floor your back will follow downward (not good).
* Use the low bar position on the shoulder blades.
* Do not put the bar on your spine.
 * Use a grip slightly narrower than shoulder width.
* Put fingers and thumbs on top of the bar to hold it in place.
* Keep your upper back tight bringing your shoulder blades together.
* Keep your feet at shoulder width to slightly wider.
* Point your toes out slightly.
* Your knees should always move in the direction of the toes.
* Inhale deep into your belly at the top of the squat.
* Hold your belly and torso upright and under tension as you lower down.

Once you reach the bottom – explode upward.
Exhale as you move upward.

Reebok AbMats

deep squat tipsdeep squat tipsAnother killer deep squat workout is to actually do deep squats. Not those fake quarter squats that the hambones in the globo gym do to impress the girls.With 75 percent of 1 rep max do a full deep squat to below parallel.Do 5 sets of 6 reps. Feel the burn.








Squats at Westside Barbell


5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps
If your in ok shape you should be able to do that in 15 minutes or less. Sub 12 if your a CrossFit firebreather bad *ss. deep squat tips

The Rep Fitness Power Racks are built for everything from squats, bench, pullups, clean pulls, floor press,overhead press and much much more! No moving parts or trinkets that will wear out.

deep squat tipsdeep squat tips

Here is a killer CrossFit workout that I did the other day — this workout put me on the floor and my hamstrings sore for three days.10 minute total time workout. For first 7 minutes establish a 1 rep max on your back squat. Next 3 minutes do as many burpee frog jumps as possible. Add up total of jumps and add to your max – this is your score. My legs were on fire at the end of this 10 minutes.

Rep Fitness Power Rack  deep squat tips

Rocking around the gym with a ton of weight wreaks havoc on the flooring system. At our local gym the floor was getting chewed up fast from dropping weights.

The key to a strong body is being able to squat deep and strong and in good form. Chaining myself to the squat stand and spending the time (with good form)- was the key to getting better at squats. I spent focused time in the squat rack and my numbers shot directly up. You will boost your squat numbers through the roof – if you do the same.


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