Kristan Clever CrossFit Athlete Profile

Kristan Clever CrossFit Athlete Profile

Age 41 (born 1982)

Weight 133

Height 5′ 2″

From Torrance, CA

Current Residence Los Angeles, CA

Began Crossfit May 2007

CrossFit Affiliate: Valley CrossFit

Note: Her name is mistakenly spelled “Kristin” by some – but it is listed as “Kristan” in the CrossFit Games roster.

Weightlifting Stats

Squat 295 – up from 270

Front Squat 225

Clean & Jerk 205 – up from 195

Snatch 178 – up from 153

Deadlift 350

Press 115

Favorite  barbell: B&R Bar by York Barbell

Favorite Womens barbell – The Bella Bar

Favorite  bumper plate: like the Competition Plates

Favorite  T-shirt: “R” shirt

CrossFit WOD Times

Fran 2:49

Helen 8:34

Grace 2:22

Filthy 50

FGB 424

Pullups 35

400m 1:05

5k 20:08

500m Row 1:48

2000m Row 8:12

Favorite Girl” Amanda

Least Favorite: Girl Eva

CrossFit Career

2009 CrossFit Games – 4th Place

2010 CrossFit Games – 1st Place

2011 CrossFit Games – 2nd place

2012 CrossFit Games –

Kristan Clever workout Ledesma

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She trains sometimes with Becca Voigt at Valley CrossFit

Weightlifting Career

2009 SW Regional Qualifier – 1st Place

2010 NLP Invitational – 1st Place

2010 San Diego Sectional – 1st Place

2010 63kg women CF/USA Weightlifting Open – 1st Place




BIO – attended SEALFIT camp in summer of 2010 where she did incredibly well despite knee problems. She is looking forward to hard training and competing in the 2012 CrossFit Games. Some people mistakenly think she looks like a man due to her haircut. Kristan is a female and an incredibly gifted athlete and human.

Emily Bridgers is currently in the hunt behind Kristan and Annie Thorisdottir for the CrossFit Open 2012 Womens Results.

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