Miranda Oldroyd CrossFit Athlete Profile

Miranda OldroydNickname: Mo
Height: 5’-6”
Weight: 140
Age: 27
Started Crossfit: November 2007
Training Facility: CrossFit 801
Coach/Trainer: Myself, my husband Tyson, CrossFit HQ staff
Occupation/School: Gym owner/trainer, CrossFit HQ

Video- Miranda Oldroyd Fran

Miranda Oldroyd uses PROGENEX Recovery

Miranda Oldroyd Supplement Use:
So far my experience with Progenex Recovery has been phenomenal. I really noticed a difference in my recovery at the Utah/Nevada CrossFit Sectionals. We did 3 workouts the first day and 1 the second. I took the Progenex Recovery between all of them and felt 100% for each one.

I have done other things that have worked well for recovery in the past, but the Progenex Recovery has made a difference in how soon I feel recovered after hard WODs. Also, I typically have a weak stomach and the Progenex has really helped with that on days where I am trying to do multiple workouts. Not as much Pukie I guess you could say. I am excited to continue using the Recovery and other Progenex products as I prepare for Regionals in May. I use PROGENEX for Post workout recovery with chocolate milk or banana!! Yum!

Miranda Oldroyd Inspiration:
I am inspired by all of the strong women in CrossFit who have really broken the mold as far as what females can do! The original CrossFit bad-asses were the whole reason that I started CrossFit. I saw them doing things I hadn’t dreamed of and thought that I needed to see what I can do.

Video – Miranda Oldroyd muscle uo:

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Miranda Oldroyd Typical Training Week:
I follow a 3 on 1 off with strength work that was actually a result of trying to come back from an injury but just stuck. I also try to work on weaknesses.

Monday is typically a day where I do a lift and later a Met-Con type WOD. Tuesday I work on a weakness, usually running or rowing, and then hit up a WOD. Wednesday is like Monday, Thursday is like Tuesday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are different because I am always on the road. On those days I pretty much do what I can with the situation I am in. It’s always a different type of facility or set up so it all depends.

Miranda Oldroyd Nutrition and Diet:
I am about 90% Paleo and I have a tweaked Zone. Most of my meals are lower carbohydrate and super high in fat. Post workout I do the Progenex and a chocolate milk and no extra fat for recovery. I cheat once a week with a sandwich and my favorite brownie!! When at a Mexican restuarant she tries to stay away from the diet Coke, chips and loads up on meats and veggies.

Video – Miranda Oldroyd on Rankel

Miranda Oldroyd CrossFit Stats
Fran: 3:50
Cindy: 20
Helen: 10:20
Grace: 2:30
Filthy Fifty: 24:04
Max Pull-ups (Butterfly): 40 (kip)
Deadlift: 305#
Bench: 140×5
Squat: 225
Snatch: 125
Squat Clean: 185
Power Clean: 185
Clean & Jerk: 170

CrossFit Games 2008 21st place
Utah/Nevada Sectionals 2010 2nd place

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Tatoos: tribal tattoo on ribcage

CrossFit bio: She is married and considered hot as she is listed on CrossFit top 10 hottest athletes.

She has a spot on the 10 hottest girls of CrossFit.

Questions from athletes in our gym and comments from our readers.

Question: Does Miranda or any Crossfit athletes use a pre-workout like Neon Sports Volt or Cellucor C4? Many CrossFit athletes use a pre-workout but we are not sure about Miranda.

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