P90X vs DeltaFit

p90xWe get asked all the time to compare different workouts and give reviews and info to help athletes make better decisions on their workouts.

One of the favorite questions is “Can I use P90X to train for military boot camp”? Yes; that would be a good start for your military career.

Check out the reviews, videos, comparisons and info on the P90X vs DeltaFit workout and you decide which one you want to try.

Everyone has heard of P90 so we will start with them.

P90X Workout Review

Best all over work out system. I hesitated spending this much for a DVD workout, but I figured I spent several times that amount  on a gym, this is a bargain.

Besides, I could always resell it if I didn’t like it. This is worth every penny. P90X works on the idea of “confusing” your muscles, changing up exercises so your muscles don’t get used to the same movements.

It’s a complete body workout, and it changes up day to day so you don’t get bored or overwork the same area. Plus it includes yoga and cardio so you add stretching and cardio.

Video – P90X

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The reason I considered this. My best friend when I lived in NY was a professional dancer. He could lift a fellow dancer (man or woman) over his head without breaking a sweat. He told me – Strength isn’t about bulk, it isn’t about repetition of the same movements. To do anything that requires strength, all of your muscles have to be engaged and trained to work at their maximum and to be able to react differently for each different movement. I always remembered this when checking out workout routines When I came across P90X, it was the best routine for an all over workout, and challenged your muscles to constantly work differently.

Video – DeltaFit workout

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DeltaFit workout review
This review is from: Men’s Health:
15 Minute Workout (DVD)
Better than expected. Let’s face it: in a 15 minutes workout, you’ll never look like the guy on the cover!
But if you’re kind of out of shape and want to improve the way you look and the way you feel, this DVD will help you.
Do it every other day, alternating between “a better burn” and “jump on it”, and I am almost positive that you’ll see results within a few weeks. Not only results in the way you look (which is always nice) but mostly in your fitness level and the way you feel.
The audio/video quality of this DVD is very good and the instructor too.
As I said, do it 3-4 times a week, watch your diet if you need to, and by 6-8 weeks you should see improvements in your fitness level and the way your body looks.

Questions from our readers.

Question: How do you compare delta fit vs p90x? They are similar in that they use cardio and bodyweight workouts.

Question: Coach, do any athletes you know use P90X or Insanity to prepare for Special Forces? Yes; p90x style workouts are good but add in a run afterwards. I would also add rucking and swimming on other days.

Question: How many calories can you burn with P90X or DeltaFit or CrossFit? You can burn several hundreds of calories in a short workout.

CrossFit, P90X or Insanity workout?
Insanity vs Deltafit workout

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