Progenex Review

progenex reviewAt this past Garage Games competition in Woodstock, GA I stopped off at the Progenex booth after a grueling WOD and met up with the owner of Progenex, Aaron Thomas.

He was working his butt off pouring up cup after cup of Progenex protein powder for all of the hard working athletes that were just completing their heats. I immediately knew i wanted to do a Progenex review.

I grabbed a dixie cup of the Progenex protein and swigged it down and was pleased that it didnt clump up and stick to the roof of my mouth like other protein powders.

I drink a lot of protein powders so I was instantly reviewing Progenex in the back of my head. This stuff was pretty darn good and tried to fanagle another cup of the chocolate and Aaron obliged.

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Mid Workout Progenex Review
Back out in my next WOD I felt great and didnt have that bloated feeling or nausea from drinking too much.

It was just the right fuel to get me up and going and firing on all cylinders to crush my next workout.

Nothing better than getting in the zone and knocking out a WOD in record time and getting the feeling like a machine burning on clean fuel.

I would definitetly recommend Progenex for your next workout or competitive event.

Post Workout Progenex Review
I felt good during and after the workout. I did not have that super fatigued feeling I normally have. Back at the table I talked to Aaron and I read up on the product — Progenex Recovery and More Muscle are high grade protein supplements that will help you. I was psyched to do a Progenex Review.

• Recover, fast

• Achieve your muscle-building goals.

The key to great results is absorption. The all-new PROGENEX Recovery and PROGENEX More Muscle products have been enhanced for even faster uptake—which means that essential amino acids get into your bloodstream even faster—because faster absorption ensures better results.

The flavors for Progenex are sweeeet – but with no artificial junk — The Belgian Chocolate and Tropical Vanilla flavors use natural sweeteners, which, together with a hint of sucralose, offset the bitterness of the protein to create just the right level of “sweet.”

Top CrossFit Athletes like Annie Thorisdottir, Rich Froning, Miko Salo, Rob Orlando, Graham Holmberg, Jason Khalipa, Heather Bergeron, Miranda Oldroyd use Progenex as they know the keys to success are through diet, nutrition and proper supplements.

Check out the video of Miranda showing us all how to get the job done.

For more info on Progenex Protein click here: or shoot me an email and I will be glad to pass on info or additional review details to help you out.

Kristan Clever CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

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Questions from athletes in our CrossFit gym and readers online.

Question: What is the best way to make a good after workout shake?

Answer: I like to add in a banana and some ice and mix it up on high speed with my blender.

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