Adidas Powerlift Trainer Weightlifting Shoe Review

Adidas Powerlift Trainer Weightlifting Shoe ReviewThe Adidas PowerLift Trainers run true to Adidas’ sizing.  We recommend ordering the same size you wear in an Adidas running shoe.

Women’s sizing:  Drop down 1.5 sizes from your normal shoe size.  ( Women’s size 8 = Men’s size 6.5)

Now you can walk your tough guy talk in the gym or hallways, this shoe has and Olympic weightlifter look with a more comfortable feel and dumbbell logos on the midfoot strap.

•Uppers: Lock down strap for additional heel support
•Inlay: Weight distribution plage
•Midsole: Firm EVA wedge
•Heel Height: 0.60″ Effective Heel Height
Runs true to your Adidas size.

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Adidas Powerlift Trainer review
by mrcjour
Quality: 5 out of 5 stars
this is my first pair of weightlifting shoes.

I used to wear vibram 5 fingers…

I don’t know how I could lift without the Adidas Powerlift trainers now! Very comfortable and great value for $$$

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Adidas Powerlift Trainer Weightlifting Shoe review by Michael
These shoes are a workout life saver!

After i broke my ankle and tore all of the tendons, dorsi flexion became very difficult for a while. Most of these types of shoes would have helped out i’m sure but after trying 3 or 4 different kinds, these are hands down my favorite!! great shoe!!

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Adidas Powerlift Trainer Shoe Review by Guy
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
This is my first weightlifting shoes and prior to this I lifted in flat sole summer street shoes for $30. I can say, that these feel much more thick, solid and tight. Foot is stable inside, no motion in either direction and sole is very good gripping, so it’s super easy to plant your feet in bench press (for example). As for squat – they make reaching parallel with good lumbar curve much easier… I even could say, that I am shocked how much more easier it feels. And I very much liked what they did to my bent over barbell row – maintaining bent position now has become even comfortable, when earlier it was toughest part of the lift for me. I rate them 10/10 for their job, but I can’t say that I am 10/10 satisfied with design, since I thought they will be white+black, but instead they are more of a grey+black. They look like they are made out of plastic. But well… whatever, otherwise they are perfect in my opinion. Shipping to Eastern Europe took only 1 week and box came undamaged in any way. I seriously love this shop right now.

Adidas Powerlift Trainer Weightlifting Shoe review by BB
Very nice and comfortable. provide the support and strength needed to lift heavy and lift long. very good for the price as well!

Adidas Powerlift Trainer Weightlifting Shoe review by South Tahoe CrossFit
Five stars. Here’s why: There is no sixth star. These shoes are good for olympic lifts. They don’t compress in the heel and have solid, flat grip on bottom. They work well on box jumps, double unders, and other body weight exercises. The Adidas Powerlift trainers are an all-round killer CrossFit shoe!

Question: Where can I get Adidas weightlifting shoes in Europe? can ship in Europe.

Question: “Coach, are you hearing good reviews for the Adidas lifting shoes? Yes; I have a pair myself and think they are great. I would highly recommend picking up a pair if you going to get serious about lifting.

Question: Which do you prefer with the adidas powerlift trainer versus rogue do-win? Both are great shoes. I own a pair of the Adidas trainers but hear great things about the Do-win. I would try on both and give them a lift.

Question: What about the adidas powerlift vs reebok CrossFit lifter shoe? Both are great shoes. I would try both on to see how they feel.

Question: Where can I find out more info on CrossFit? Check out the CF main website here:

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Adidas Powerlift Trainer Weightlifting Shoe Review