Sean Thomson CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

sean thomson crossfitName: Sean Thomson
Region:Mid Atlantic
Affiliate:CrossFit Go Hard
Weight:160 lb

Video – Sean Thomson CrossFit

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Sean Thomson CrossFit Benchmark Workouts
Fran 1:53
Helen —
Grace —
Filthy 50 —
Fight Gone Bad 415
Sprint 400m 49:00
Run 5k 17:49

Sean Thomson weightlifting stats
Clean & Jerk 280 lb
Snatch 235 lb
Deadlift 510 lb
Back Squat 410 lb
Max Pull-ups 75

Sean has been a certified personal trainer since 2004. He worked at a globo gym and also train in home/private clients. Sean has been certified in AAAI/ISMA, ISSA, NPTI,NSCA,CrossFit Oly Lift, CrossFit-kettlebell cert and CrossFit L1. After playing college basketball, Sean became addicted to training and helping others get fitter and healthier. Then, Sean seen a CrossFit video. At that moment he was hooked. Sean knew this is what people needed to truly feel fitter and healthier.

Sean has trained professional boxers/mma fighters, College level athletes, and the average people who just care about feeling healthier. He has been training all my clients with constant varied, functional movements, at a high intensity.  This type of training has definitely changed his life and Sean wants to help people to achieve the extraordinary!

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