Top Rated CrossFit Equipment

Top Rated CrossFit Equipment

The sport of CrossFit has skyrocketed with enormous popularity around the globe. The CrossFit Games have helped propel the popularity and the demand for top rated CrossFit equipment is high. THe following is a list of the top rated gear based on feedback from CrossFit gym owners, Elite CrossFit athletes and everyday Joe’s that push their gear and bodies to the next level.

1.Rogue Fitness Gym Rings
These gym rings and bullet strong and made of rolled steel with a killer baked on finish. Break out the rings for your ring pushups, dips and even hanging pull ups and toe to rings. Versatile — take em anywhere and get beast strong. Rogue Fitness rings deliver and get the top slot vote.Rogue Gym Rings

Sorinex M2 GHD
Top Rated CrossFit EquipmentIf your looking to build up your posterior chain and total core – you need to get on the GHD. One of the best is made by Sorinex. High quality tubing with a beefy pad (separated to by guy friendly) – the Sorinex M2 GHD is super solid.

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Top Rated CrossFit Equipment

PROGENEX protein supplementsare used by all of the top CrossFit elite athletes to include both the mens and womens winner of the CrossFit Games 2011 and 2010. This stuff works! Helping your body to recover quicker to hit another WOD faster.Annie Thorisdottir uses PROGENEX supplements

Inov8 Minimalist ShoesTop Rated CrossFit EquipmentAre you looking for a shoe that is low to the ground and you can lift heavy – but then turn around and run a fast 400 meters? How about a long burly 10 mile trail run too? The Inov8 minimalist shoes have been called the “the most important leap forward in mountain footwear so far this century.” by Trail Magazine. These shoes get it done on the trail and in the gym. A must have.

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More Top Rated CrossFit Equipment

Rogue Training Bumpers By Hi-temp
Rogue Training Bumpers By Hi-temp
Top Rated CrossFit Equipmentare the best for a CrossFit gym workout. Drop them on concrete – throw them across a muddy field and use them for box jumps. The Rogue Fitness Hi-Temp bumpers are the only choice you will need to make for bumpers.

Skins tights
Skins Tights from Australia

Ader Kettlebells

Rogue Rippetoe Burgener Bar

Top Rated CrossFIt Equipment