The Endurance to Find Your Why 2024

Welcome, warriors, to “Unleash Your Purpose: A Mission to Find Your Why.” Over the next 8 weeks, you’ll undergo a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Through rigorous self-assessment and strategic exercises, you’ll uncover the driving force behind your actions and unlock your full potential.

This mission isn’t just about finding your purpose – it’s about unleashing the warrior within you to conquer your destiny. Are you ready to find your why and embark on this epic journey?


A structured battle plan for an 8-week mission designed to equip participants with the tools and mindset needed to uncover their why and operate with greater clarity, passion, and purpose.

Each week builds upon the last, guiding participants through rigorous self-reflection, strategic exploration, and actionable maneuvers to uncover and embrace their unique purpose in life.


8 weeks of SGPT programmed physical workouts emailed to you every morning at 0600 am (EST). Each week you will be assigned a mental workout with reading and questions on “Finding Your Why“.


SGPT private “FYW” Facebook group where you can post for accountability or ask coaching questions.

If your not on Facebook – no problem – you can communicate with a coach via email; text; snail mail or carrier pigeon.


For the everyday athlete warrior, finding their “why” is akin to discovering their inner driving force on the field, in the gym, or during any physical endeavor. Here’s how it translates:


Understanding your “why” in sports or business brings clarity to your training and performance. It’s about knowing why you lace up your shoes or step onto the field every day – whether it’s to improve your health, pursue a personal challenge, or inspire others.


In sports and business, adversity comes in many forms – injuries, setbacks, tough opponents. Your “why” is what fuels your relentless determination to push through those barriers, to keep training when others might give up.


Distractions are everywhere in day to day life and the competitive arena. Your “why” acts as a beacon, keeping your eyes on the prize and helping you stay focused on your goals, whether it’s winning a game, setting a personal record, or simply enjoying the thrill of competition.


Every athlete faces moments of doubt and defeat. Your “why” is your resilience armor, giving you the strength to bounce back stronger after every setback, to keep going when the going gets tough.


The joy of sports isn’t just in winning medals or trophies; it’s in the sense of accomplishment and personal growth. Your “why” transforms every training session, every game, into a meaningful journey toward self-improvement and fulfillment.


Just as Navy SEALs fight for something bigger than themselves, athletes can use their platform to inspire and uplift others. Your “why” drives you to be a role model, to share your passion for sports and motivate others to pursue their own athletic dreams.

In the world of the everyday athlete warrior, knowing your “why” isn’t just about winning games or setting records – it’s about tapping into your inner warrior spirit, pushing your limits, and embracing the journey with purpose and passion.


  • Email Workout of the day every morning 0600 am EST
  • Weekly mental assignment “Find Your Why” + Coaching Video
  • Private Facebook group – Ask questions 24/7 with a Coach
  • Schedule 30 minute call with Coach


Program starts June 1st, 2024

Who this program is NOT for:

Procrastinators, whiners, faint of heart, excuse makers, cry babies, wussies and posers. If my language offends you – this program is not for you. We dont care about your feelings – we only care about action and results. Kind of like the real world 🙂

If your not committed – we are not the place for you.


Grab your spot now for $49. The price will be going up to $69 on May 28th.




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If you finish the program and email me your results – I will send you a fresh SGPT Patch.

If you are a SGPT Underground Bunker Member this program is no cost to you.

SGPT Members PM me and I will add you to The Endurance Find Your Why program.

This course will finish with a group of SGPT athletes climbing a peak in Colorado. We will be using our “Find Your Why” methods to help us climb peaks and help others in need.

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