I started out with no gear working out with athletes at a local track because I was too broke to buy gear. Now I own a CrossFit gym that all equipment, insurance, utility bill was 100% funded by SGPT sales – and I had extra money to put gas in my truck, get new tires, pay any repair bills and pay off the $2500 I owed on it. All with funds from SGPT sales.

Come join SEALgrinderPT as we tap into the billion dollar fitness industry and sell a few workout products and make some extra money.

Work at home and earn extra income as you learn and become a part of the fitness sales industry.

Video – How to Make Money Working Out

How about sitting there in your underwear sipping a cup of coffee as you watch the morning sales report come in and you have sale after sale!

You made money at night while you were asleep. Wow.

Working at home, it can be done. I make sales every day and can show you how to do the same.

I can show you how to put gas in your truck – pack off nagging debt, take a beach trip with a friend or make 6 figures online with little or no start up cost.

Get off the couch and kick it in high gear with the new year. Become a sales representative with SEALgrinderPT and help sell products for up and coming fitness companies like:

Athletic Greens
Click here for more info and to sign up as a Athletic Greens distributor with Team SGPT 

Onnit.com supplements
you can sign up to sell Onnit supplements here:

DragonDoor.com kettlebells and Books
To learn more and signup with DragonDoor go to this link – Click Here

Blonyx CrossFit Supplements
Click here to sign up as a Blonyx CrossFit Supplements distributor with Team SGPT

SGPT Pull-Up Ebook sales on Clickbank:

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book [Clickbank Special]

Call or text Call (404)906-0726cell or email [email protected]

* You dont have to buy any products or stockpile jugs of protein powder on the shelf of your garage.

* Just listen in and get tips on how to make sales.

* Learn how to write a blog and create a website for sales

* Learn how to get sales leads and turn them into real sales.

* Way easier than you think.

* No cold calls or walking the streets banging on doors.

Are you ready to make some extra gas money or pay for your gym membership?

Have bigger goals like taking your family on a killer trip to the Caribbean? Well here’s your chance to turn your passion for fitness into some real cash.

Start the year off right and get on your way towards reaching your goals.

Email [email protected] for your information to get you started today. Write “SGPT SALES GROUP” in the subject of the email.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Brad McLeod




[email protected]

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  1. I’m 22 years old n interested in getting pod to work out. Already in sales for hvac and plumbing and am pretty good. Please email back an explain what needs o be done for me to make some extra money

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