OneFitWonder axle bar review

onefitwonder axel bar reviewCheck out the reviews and video for the OneFit Wonder axle bar and you decide if it is good enough for your garage gym.

OneFitWonder Axel bar Review by Doug:
I looked high and low for an axle bar that was 45 lbs.

The Axle Barbell (“Fat Bar”) is 44 lbs. without the collars and with the collars that come with it 46 lbs. I placed it on a scale at home and these are the numbers I came up with. I could care less about the bar being made in China.

It is a solid piece of gear and good luck finding one of this quality with the collars for the same price. I have used this bar to replace my standard barbell for just about every barbell movement I perform.

Check out the OneFitWonder 20kg Axle Bar with Collars HERE

Fringesport Fat bar review by JP:
I have been lifting with the Fringesport fat bar for over a month and can see a big difference in my grip when I do pull-ups and deadlifts.

I am really psyched as my grip would be the first to go on heavy deadlifts and now I can work on using my body to get strong.

Every few weeks I have been able to do heavier farmers walk with heavy dumbbells also so that is a big plus. I am going to keep on using the fat bar as this is a ticket to get really strong.

Fringesport Axel bar review by Jimmy:
I’m a gym rat since 1971. Fat bar training has been in my regime since 03. The FringeSport axel bar is very well made and the bar ends actually allow the use of quick clips and all other style clamps. Big plus there. I added .5lb discs making the total weight 45lbs. The welding of the stops is superb.
I bought a fat bar from the Watson company and the weld work was very sloppy. A+++ on this bar,the price and Fringe Sport. Best fitness company that I have ever dealt with bar none. No pun intended LOL.

Question: What about the Rogue stubby bar vs Fringesport axel bar?

Answer: You pay 20% more for the Rogue name so you decide. No one gives a darn once your lifting as the axel bars are the same. The Fringesport bar with collars is $139. The Rogue bar with collars is $175.

Question: Which barbell do you use in your CrossFit gym?

Answer: We use the Fringesport barbell in our gym.

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