Ader Kettlebell Reviews

ader kettlebell reviewAder has managed to produce a kettlebell line which has all the right features we look for in a perfect kettelbell.

Each kettlebell is cast in one piece, which makes the handle much stronger, and any casting seams are ground down before the finishing process. This makes for a smooth and comfortable bell that can be used for many reps with little issue

The bottom of the bell has a wide, flat surface that makes it much more stable during movements such as renegade rows and kettlebell pushups.

Finally, Ader kettlebells are finished with a hard hammertone epoxy that will not chip like normal paint will.

Video – Kettlebell comparisons for Rogue vs Muscledriver vs Ader

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Review by Gordo
I just got my 203# the other day. I can’t believe how fast it shipped. Great service from Rogue as usual. the Ader kettlebells take some work to get a good chalk on them but no more than other brands that have a slick finish.Review for: Ader Kettlebells

Review by Matt
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
They’re having issues with shipping these, but they’re very good about getting them to you. The inside of the handle is smooth so you won’t cut your hands doing any of the kb movements.

Video Troy, Ader vs Rogue

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Ader Kettlebell Reviews by jear
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
My second kettle bell. I’m very happy with my investment, who needs dumbells! Review for: Ader Kettlebells

Ader Kettlebell Reviews by Jay
I have the 24 kg and 32 kg. Both are awesome investments. The handles are the perfect size, and the finish is really comfortable for high rep (>100) exercises. Both enhanced my conditioning. I like the 24 kg for higher reps (100s) and conditioning, and I like to pair the 32 kg at moderate reps (50-70) with a light thruster or push press.

Ader Kettlebell Reviews by Kevin
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
Between me, my lady, and our friends, the 1.5 pood KB has seen it’s fair share of accidents. It’s been through hell, but looks brand new. I’m convinced it will last us forever. Best investment in my humble home gym so far.

Question: Do you think the Ader would be good for my CrossFit home garage gym? Yes; it is a good kettle bell.

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