CAP barbell vs Troy

cap barbell vs troyCheck out the reviews, comparisons and videos for the CAP Barbell vs Troy barbell and you decide which is best for your garage gym.

Troy 7 ft. Black Olympic Style barbell review by R.D.
That has super fast speedy shipping!!! Goes perfect with my bumper plates & Bo Flex Bench!!! Great product, with nice weight to it!!! Couldn’t be any happier!!! Thank You!!!

CAP Barbell 7 ft barbell chrome Econ Review by Deep F.
The bar is great/sturdy/as spec’d; got scuffed on one end during shipping, but I didn’t buy it for looks. This is much better than trying to buy a cheapo bar at Walmart and then fitting (or not) it into my small car.

Video – Troy 1200b Olympic Bar Review

Check out the Troy 7 ft. Black Olympic Style Bar @

CAP barbell review by JN:

The guys in my garage gym ordered two of these bars in 2010 and another one about 6 months ago. They have gotten heavy use over the last 2 years (450+ deadlifts, constant clean and jerks, snatches, etc). We have bumper plates and they get dropped from shoulder height and overhead regularly. We love these CAP Barbells and have never had any issues.

The bars are still going strong even with our abuse and look almost new when we clean them up. I love the black (aesthetics really)and am happy to say that they haven’t had any of the black scratch off or anything like that.
I had a cheaper bar before(came with a weight set) and it came apart after 5 workouts. Just a comparison. We don’t baby our bars and these ones have held ups perfectly so far. (We can’t tell which ones are 2 years old and which one is 6 months old).

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