Mobility and Recovery Workout – 9-13-16

Mobility workout for 30 min.

Drink lots of filtered water
Arm circles 10 each way
Figure eight arm rotations – 10 each way
Standing windmills – 20
Bent windmills – 20
Hip swivel kicks forward – 15 each leg
Hip swivel kicks sideways – 15 each leg
SGPT hip mobility drills – 5 each leg
standing windmills arm alternate over head – 10
Standing lunge – 10 each leg
air squats (hang out in the bottom) – 10
duck walk – 10 forward, 10 reverse
Plie squat stretch – 5 minutes
Yoga Cobra stretch – 5 minutes
Yoga Downward Dog – 5 minutes
Yoga Frog stretch – 5 min

foam roll and stretch with band as necessary (shoulder work)

10 minutes deep breathing and meditation

Walk for 15 minutes and reflect on your day and visualize where you are heading on your journey.

seal multi vitaminQuestion: Did you take vitamins during BUDS as a supplement?

Do you currently take vitamins?

Yes; I took a multi-vitamin in Navy SEAL BUDS training. For the last six years I have been taking SEAL multi-vitamins and trust them with my family.

My personal friend Navy SEAL Jeremy Debie designed this vitamin and it is trusted by thousands of athletes.