Muscle Milk vs Isagenix

Check out the info and videos on Isagenix vs Muscle Milk protein supplements and compare these two side by side.

Isalean protein shake review by PLJ:
I’ve been drinking these shakes for over a year now. I originally lost about 25 pounds, but my body has adjusted to 20 pounds.

I’m almost 55 years old and I’m a size 4. These are the only shakes I can drink. All the others are too sweet.

I now drink a Isagenix Isalean Creamy Dutch Chocolate Shake every morning for breakfast (when trying to lose weight, I drank it for breakfast and dinner).

Muscle Milk Protein Review

Check out Muscle Milk – Specials of the Week at!

Muscle Milk Protein review by Ms Jno:
Oh man, I love Muscle Milk. I use it sparingly because it is a little higher in calories and fat than my normal protein powder. First of all – they offer some amazing flavors – no lie. Muscle Milk Vanilla Crème and Cake Batter are exactly as described – freaking delicious!

I’ve used CytoSport Muscle Milk as a shake, mixed into a pudding (with a little cold almond milk), mixed into some oatmeal, baked into protein pancakes, etc. It’s so versatile! Now that I think about it, I should add one or two back into my rotation!

Isagenix Protein review by Linda:
My chiropractor suggested I use these products to “cleanse” and for “weight loss.

At an appointment w/ my nutrionist I asked if she’d heard of Isagenix.

Her response was “Finally, someone has created a healthy product that really does what it says without side affects.”

These products are “organic” without ephedra, mah wang or any other harmful stimulents that I don’t want to take.

Video – Isagenix Review


I decided to give it a try. I was amazed that in 4 weeks I had lost 12.5 lbs. & 18 inches without going hungry and no cravings!!! I was concerned about my low blood sugar challenge, but I did not have a problem. I even did the cleanse & that meant fasting for (2) days in a row. Aside from the “no cravings of sweets, etc.” I had lots of energy and the shakes & cleanse & supreme taste great!

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: Coach, which do your prefer, Isagenex or muscle milk?

Answer: I know that many athletes use Muscle Milk like the FSU Seminole football team (National Champions). The Seminoles have been using Muscle Milk for years.

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