MusclePharm vs BSN

musclepharm assault couponCheck out the reviews, videos and you decide on MusclePharm vs BSN protein.

MusclePharm Assault’s pre-workout formulation is the most advanced and complete pre-workout system on the market.

Precision-engineered to give athletes the ultimate performance advantage over the competition.

Assault’s 5-Stage delivery system addresses every angle of performance:

If you want to build Size, energy, focus, strength and endurance then this is the powder to go with.

MusclePharm Protein Review

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MusclePharm Combat Protein review by TE:
Only recently started using Musclepharm and I am very impressed.

The Combat powder is great tasting and an awesome protein powder!

musclepharm coupon
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BSN Protein Review

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BSN Protein review by DK:
I love this protein. I’ve been using the same flavor for two years now and can’t stop. I feel this protien is the best bang for your buck if you can’t afford all the proteins separately.

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: “Coach, what do your recommend, the MusclePharm or BSN products?”. I would try and sample of each and see which one works best for you.

Question: So which one taste better with bsn vs muscle pharm? They both taste good but definitely check out the videos above for more info.

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