Prison Towel Workout

prison towel workout What in the heck is a “towel workout” like you what hear about from prison?

Can you really get jacked up and build some real muscle using a towel?

You don’t have to go to the County Jail to get a pump – Check out the videos and workouts and try this out in your garage gym.

Prison style workout with a towel – Kali

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Kali gets pumped up talking about how he ate in prison to get big. Kali ate ramen noodles and tuna to get big. He of course ate a prison diet which has a ton of carbs and protein. Kali also got 8 hours of sleep every night to rest and repair his muscles. 8 hours is about 2 hours more than the normal person gets.

It is pretty easy to do the “towel workout”. You can use a towel or a rope or these guys are using plastic trash can bags to pull on.

Kali bar workout for muscle

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Kali uses the bar to build muscle to do his full back workout in the pen.

Your body is a weapon so you have to be strong to fight for your life in case your in a riot.

These are the prison workouts that Kali did in San Quentin and Pelican Bay

Regular pull ups 4 sets of 10

then do side lower lat pull ups (aka mountain climber pull ups)

If you can’t do pull ups then do Australian pull ups as you can get a good burn with them also. Put your feet on the ground and do a pull up with the towel.

Question: My buddy is in Rikers prison. Do you know if he can workout like this? He can workout in the yard.

Yes: He has access to an open yard and can do these same exercises.

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