Stealth Align Foam Roller Review

stealth align foam roller reviewStealth Align™ foam roller has been exclusively engineered to unlock your power and potential.

Its unique core design when used properly helps to release muscle tension and increases restorative properties of adhesions or scar tissue within muscles

Stealth Align Foam Roller Review by vegasryan777
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
Need your back popped?? I’m in the military and always on the go.

When finding a chiro or someone to pop your back correctly is difficult this roller is a life saver.

Add a weight to your chest and the Stealth Align Foam Roller does the rest!!

Check out the Stealth Align Foam Roller @

Review by Bill
Just picked this Stealth Align Foam Roller from last month and have to say this is the best foamroller I have used to date.

I tried the Gaia and Sklz barrel roller and Trigger point. The others were pretty good but this one has all the extra to make it the best.

Nothing works better for myofascial release to help your muscles restore quicker.

I use it mostly on my lower back and hamstrings but recently have been working on my shoulders after a hard day with shoulder press and bench press. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to pick up one.

Product Info
Improves posture and spinal alignment
Provides deeper and more targeted pressure relief
Increases blood flow throughout the body
Larger 8-inch roller diameter allows for longer range of motion and increases flexibility

These are the Unique Features Exclusive to the Stealth Align™ foam roller:

Center core design
8 inch circumference of the roller
Raised diamond patterns on both the left and right center wheels
The center channel allows the spine to be controlled and adjusted while rolling
Left and right sides of the roller are angled to provide support, balance, and additional exercises
The ability to control and target the calve muscles by using the unique center core design

Question: What would you recommend for a Spri foam roller vs Stealth in our CrossFit gym?

Answer: We are currently using the stealth in our gym.

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