Texas power bar vs Eleiko

Check out these reviews, videos and comparisons of the Texas power bar vs Eleiko training bar.

rogue bar vs texas power barbell reviewCheck out these reviews, videos and comparisons of the Texas power Barbell vs Eleiko barbell. You make the best choice for your garage gym.

Texas power barbell review by Jeremy Frey
“As a strength coach I prefer the Texas Power Bar for its versatility, grip and strength. It is a great bar for not only benching, but for squats (all varieties), deadlifts (all varieties) and pretty much any movement I need my athletes to perform with a barbell, even Olympic movements. Now, with the new collars and black coating rust isn’t even an issue with the Texas Power Bar. For Powerlifting, it’s the bar I use for all movements including bench (all varieties), deadlifts, rows, etc. I even used it for squatting when I didn’t have the access to a Texas Squat Bar. I used weights over 900 pounds without any whipping or issues. Best overall universal bar you can own!!” –Jeremy Frey

Texas Power bar vs B&R review

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Eleiko Bar Review by Wasatch Damon
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
When you only want the best – I train on this bar 4 days a week and quite possibly love it as much as my 3 sons. Initially the knurling was very aggressive but I’ve gotten used to it. Otherwise it’s the best bar I’ve ever used. There is a noticeable difference in the whip and spin with the Eleiko vs Rogue bar and I find this bar to be much easier on my wrists and shoulders. Would highly recommend you splurge. One caveat: This bar has never been in a squat rack and never will be, it’s for Oly only.

Video – Different Eleiko bars

Texas power barbell review by Jim Wendler
“These are a staple of any serious weight room. There are a couple of things you should never skimp on when building your weight room, and the bar that you hold in your hands, over your face/head and on your back is one of them. The Texas Power Bars are built to last and built for lifting weights. If you don’t have these bars, get them now.” –Jim Wendler

Eleiko bar Review by Greg Kemp
We have 20 Eleiko training bars at the high school I coach. We have about 5 from 1993 and only one have we had issues with not spinning any longer. Our bars are in heavy use day in and day out almost 50 Weeks of the year. The Eleiko have held up the best and about every other bar we have tried to use had not lasted like the Eleiko, including 2 Rogue Bars we bought last year. The Rogues are OK bars but not up to the Eleiko standard. We do all of our O-lifts and squats with these bars. I would say pony up for it now and you will never need to buy another bar again.

Texas power bar review by Zane Geeting
We bought several new barbells for our gym last year and gave them a lot of abuse.

The Texas Power Bar is still straight as an arrow and the knurling is still great.

It’s a top-notch bar that puts up to abuse and stands the test of time.” –Zane Geeting

Eleiko training bar Review by Morgan
Quality 5 out of 5 stars
Just received the Eleiko training bar. My only other quality bar was a Texas Power Bar, so this is my first, true, 28mm oly bar. Finish is second to none – the black is very, very nice. The knurling on the Texas Power Bar was very sharp. This bar is more like a rough sand paper – very subtle, but effective. It has a center knurl which is even lighter, but enough for back squatting – you can barely feel the center knurl so it wont tear up your chest either. I’ll post up more when the bar gets some use. I’m anxious to feel how it responds to some cleans and DL’s.

Question: What about the ivanko vs texas power bar? Ivanko makes a powerlifting bar the OBX-20kg which is 28mm and is 200,000+ P.S.I. rated.

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