Tim Kennedy Workout

There’s no argument that Tim Kennedy is one of the biggest bad a**ses on the planet.

He’s a former Green Beret, sniper, sniper instructor and MMA champion. While serving in the Army, Kennedy was deployed to Iraq several times in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He has also served in Afghanistan, and is the recipient of the Broze Star with a V Device—valor while under fire.

In 2009, Kennedy shifted from active duty serving with the Texas Army National Guard. This was when he became a professional MMA fighter, and has had multiple wins; as an amateur fighter he fought in 31 matches—1 loss and 30 wins. As a professional he had 24 matches—6 losses and 18 wins.

Topping his bada**sery, Kennedy holds two black belts in Brazilian Jujitsu and one in the Modern Army Combative Program.

About his training schedule, Kennedy says, “I do strength and conditioning six days per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are my mental toughness days. Thursday is yoga, and Tuesday is my powerlifting and Olympic lifting day. Saturday is cardio. I also go shooting three to five times per week.”

He also trains a “minimum” of two times a day.

Check out these intense workouts to find out how he keeps the sword sharpened and stays in a constant state of readiness for future challenges.




Kennedy also stresses recovery, as without it you can’t stay on top of your game and keep training. “I do everything,. Cryotherapy, ice baths, massages. I eat a ton of healthy food, and I prioritize sleep.”

When it comes to diet, his priority is healthy and almost constant eating. “I eat all day long, nonstop, about six to seven meals.” His diet is only clean, healthy foods. Favorites: Oatmeal, eggs, avocado toast, vegetables and fruit. For protein he likes eggs, chicken elk and salmon.

Check out the video below for more info about how Kennedy stays in shape.


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Brad McLeod knows first hand about mental toughness. After passing Hell Week and Dive Pool Comp at BUD/S, he failed a math test and was kicked out of training. A year later, he returned, graduated, and served as an operator on the Navy SEAL Teams.

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