Top 10 Garage Gym Ideas

 In recent years there has been an upsurge in Garage Gyms popping up around the world. Athletes got burned out on the whole Globo Gym scene with treadmills and mirrors and a bunch of pump monkeys walking around flexing.

Just like pop rock gave way to grunge and the garage band of the 90’s – there has been a definite shift in the athletic workout scene.

What could be cooler than having a rockin’ workout area in your own garage? Come home from work, throw on some shorts and commence to throwing weights.

Don’t want to wear a shirt? No problem. You start to sweat? No worries. Want to play loud music and drop weights? Go for it.

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You can’t do that at a Globo Gym or you get kicked out. So today is your day to build your own personal “Kick *ss” gym and kiss the Globo Gym goodbye. Check out these Top 10 Garage Gym ideas.

The question is – “What do you need for a Crossfit garage gym?
First things first. Get your self a mat. Doesn’t have to be fancy. A cheap yoga mat cost about $12 or so and you can double them up or cut them in half as needed. A good mat is worth its weight in gold as you can do killer ab workout. Drop from head high into a burpee and just sweat like a pig all over it. Great stuff. Get a cheap mat and start building that garage gym.

Garage Gym Workout #1
100 burpees for time
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Video – Building a garage gym with Dave Castro

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crossfit jump rope workoutAn easy second item is to get a jump rope.  You can get a speed rope for relatively cheap and if you jump on your yoga mat it will last for a long time.

Jump on concrete and the rope will wear out quick. If you jump on concrete – add a piece of tape on the middle of your rope to make it last longer.

A jump rope we like to get started with double unders is the CFF Speed Rope.

This rope is a good value for less than $12 and you will be doing double unders in no time.

Garage Gym workout #2
Running Annie
double unders with jump rope
sit ups
run after every 50-40-etc.

Building a garage gym Rogue Style

Next item is to get a plyo jump box for jumping and building fast twitch muscles and increasing your speed. Some athletes use their old bench that they used for bench presses. Over time this will wear out and break the vinyl cover. Any easy solution is to make a plywood box or buy a good plyo box for about $100. A new one is pre-cut and only takes an hour to set up and saves you the hassle of sawing off your fingers with a power saw.

What else is necessary for garage gym?

Garage Gym workout #3
3 rounds for time
15 box jumps (24 inch)
15 burpees
15 wall ball shots #20
15 kettlebell swings (#55/35)
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Video – CrossFit Garage Gym

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A pullup bar would be next on the list. Not only can you do a wide variety of pull ups and build your upper body and core – you can do toe to bars (T2b) and hang a set of gym rings.  There is so much you can do with a pull up bar.  Check out this workout for a good example.

When we got going were could be considered a “Rogue Garage Gym” as most of our equipment was from Rogue.  We did have a few others but in general a lot came from them.

Garage Gym workout #4
3 rounds for time
7 pull ups
9 ring dips
12 toe to bar
run 200 meters
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Video – CrossFit home gym with Pat Sherwood

fringesport Bomba barNext up – your going to want to get an Olympic barbell and some bumper plates.  A mid-range barbell is fine.

You don’t have a to spend $700 on a barbell.  A good sturdy $250 0lympic barbell will last a life time.
Throw in some bumper plates and collars and your ready to go.  The bumper plates are the way to go as you can drop them with out having to worry about damaging the plates or chipping up the concrete in your garage.

Garage Gym workout #5
For time:
1000 Meter Row
50 Thrusters, 45lbs (30 lbs women)
30 pullups
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Video – Buying Used CrossFit Equipment for a Garage Gym

crossfit rings - garage gym ideasA good set of gym rings would be the next thing to add to your list.  You can easily hang them from your pull up bar.  Knock out a set of ring dips and work your shoulders.  Work on toe to rings to build up your core.  Now is the time to get down to business and get your first rep on a muscle up.  Good stuff.

Garage Gym Workout #6
handstand push ups
ring dips
push ups
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Video – CrossFit Blue Falcon Garage Gym

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No garage gym should be without a wall ball (aka medicine ball).

You can either make one with an old basketball and some sand… or spend $90 bucks and buy a great Dynamax medicine ball that will last a long time.

You can use the ball for warmups, toss to your workout partner or wall ball sit-ups and wall ball shots.

Garage Gym workout #7
150 wall ball shots #20
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Garage gym workout with kettle bells

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A good kettle bell can be very useful for building your core and overall conditioning.  Kettlebells are great as they are almost indestructible and your grandkids will inherit them. You can do a wide variety of exercises like goblet squats, kettle bell swings, cleans and snatches and use them for farmers carries.

Garage Gym workout #8
50 turkish get ups with kettle bell (pick tough weight)
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Video – Helen workout at a CrossFit Garage Gym

It would be great to get a good pair of running and workout shoes for the garage gym. Old school “Chuck Taylors will work great for dead lifts and running short distances. There are many other new shapes and designs out there like the Invov8’s and Reebok CrossFit shoes.

Garage Gym workout #9
3 rounds for time (RDSFT)
400 meter run
12 pull ups
21 kettlebell swings (#53/35)
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Millars garage gym

Garage Gym workout #10
“Filthy Fifty” workout
For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Runner Ups for Top 10 Garage Gym Ideas

From Tom Coffey:
DIY Garage Gym equipment
1. Sandbag- Super easy and cheap to make. Incredible tool to build core and grip strength, and conditioning.

2. Slamball- Again very easy and inexpensive to make. Don’t underestimate the power of ball slams or ball getups.

Video – Garage turned into gym

Question: We get asked all the time “Coach, do you have a CrossFit garage gym checklist?”. Yes; print out this article and this will give you a great guideline to work from.

Question: “Coach, what is your best CrossFit garage gym idea?”. I think the easiest is to install a pull up bar with thick PVC pipe and webbing wrapped around the beams overhead. Cost $6 and you have a pull up bar.

Question: My garage is full of junk and 2 cars. Can I do CrossFit out on my driveway? Sure; you can do almost all of the CrossFit workouts in your driveway or out in the street. Just look both ways before you cross.

Question: Where can I check out info on Dave Castro garage gym? Check out the videos and info above.

Question: How can I go about building a cross fit garage gym for cheap? Check out the tips above and take your time. Don’t be in a rush and you can find good deals.

Question: What are the top ten items to have in your home gym? Check out the list above.

Question: how much money does it cost for rubber crossfit mats in a 2 car garage? You can put horse stall mats in a home garage gym area for a few hundred dollars. The small mats are $20 so you can measure out the area and figure that out pretty quick. You can save money by going to pick them up yourself.

Question: What about a Rage sandbag review – what do you know about them? Rage Fitness makes a good sand bag you can check out more RAGE Fitness Sand Bag Kit reviews here.

Question: what kind of equipment do i need for a home gym? Check out the list above as you will find a great list of good home equipment for your gym.

Question: What about the Rage Sand bag? Do you know much about them? Not sure they are getting good reviews but one sand bag that is getting good feedback is the Power Systems Ultimate Sandbag. Check out the Power Systems Sand bag and let us know what you think.

Question: I am from Minnesota and much of the year its cold – What about using garage as workout exercise room ? Yes; that can work. You would want to add an electric heater and your good to go.

Where can I learn more about CrossFit? Check out the CF main website here:

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