Top 10 Powerlifting Equipment for a Garage Gym

top 10 powerlifting equipmentCheck out this list and videos for the best powerlifting equipment that you will need to set up your own garage gym.

It doesn’t take much gear to get started and building strength in your own home garage.

Some of this gear you can pick up on Ebay or Craigslist or order online from, RogueFitness,  or FringeSport.

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#1 Barbell
texas power barA powerlifting barbell does not have to spin as freely as an olympic barbell.

It also more rigid as you don’t have to worry about dropping it from head high.

The Texas Power Bar is a great choice when looking at a power lift bar.

We have one in our garage gym and love it for dead lifts.

Power Unlimited video

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#2 Bumpers or Plates
ofw black bumperYou will need to decide – do you want metal plates?

Will your floor withstand dropping weights?

If not you will need to go with bumpers.

We like the OFW FringeSport bumpers as they are a great value dollar for dollar.

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#3 Weightlifting Belt
Having a good belt can mean the difference between blowing out your back or holding it all together. There is nothing like having that extra bit of stability to support your gut and back while your are straining with all of your force. We like the

#4 Lifting shoes
Using the wrong shoes can make a big difference in your lifts.

Try a heavy deadlift with your running shoes and watch the flimsy rubber compress.

Now try the same lift with a pair of Chuck Taylors or a proper weightlifting shoe. There is no compression in the sole which allows you to lift more.

Some lifters even use nothing but socks in their training lifts.

#5 Power Rack cage
Having a good rack will make the difference between having to rely on your buddy as a spotter vs having the cage be the spotter.

You will be able to lift more with confidence with a good power rack.

You can spend thousands or about $500 depending on your needs.

#6 Spotter arms
These nifty items will help you lift without your buddy and help catch a failed lift. You can also use them as a base to do 1/4 or half lifts. This is the next step after you get a good squat rack is to add some good spotter arms.

Question: What is a good book that will help me learn the basics of powerlifting?


Bench shirt training at Westside barbell

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#7 Bench shirt
These shirts allow you to bench press more and also avoid getting hurt. Most all of your higher level lifters use them. It takes some getting used to and you will need perfect technique – so don’t think you can have bad form and this shirt will help you.  Get better form first before you try a bench shirt.

#8 Deadlift suit
from FI: I have a Metal Pro Deadlifter and that suit for a convo puller is the best suit you can buy. You can ask just about anybody that has put on a Metal Pro and they will tell you that its gives a HUGE amount of support off the floor and in the first part of the pull. I have gotten support all the way to lockout as well. On average people with the Metal Pro are getting anywhere from 20-50 pounds. Thats a pretty large increase in the deadlift. The problem with deadlift suits are people can get a huge carry over because they have weak top ends. If they are great on the top and poor off the floor or average off the floor they can get alot of support from this suit. I’m lucky cuss Im really good off the floor and fantastic on the top end so I’m loving this suit.

#9 Knee Wraps
These are a main stay for heavy squatters. Knee wraps keep your knees war my which improves your blood flow and tissue elasticity. When properly used, wraps can dramatically improve knee safety during heavy squatting. More important, however, is the fact that wraps give you at least a 5-10 percent increase in how much you can lift. Many lifters talk about having extra spring in the bottom of their squat when they max out. Don’t wrap your knees too tightly.

#10 Wrist Wraps
You will need to have stability in your wrist and added support. If you are doing a pressing movement then wrap your wrists as tight as you need. If your wrists don’t stay straight, wrap tighter. Many lifters just use wrist wraps for bench pressing.

#11 Chalk
Power lifters tend to use a ton of chalk to keep their hands and body dry during a lift.

If your hands are sweaty then it will be hard to perform your lift.

There is also a psychological effect from putting gym chalk on the hands.

Once you use chalk it is hard to go back and not use it.

Either way it will help with your lift.

Question: Where can I find out more info about United States powerlifting organizations?

Answer: Check the US Powerlifting Federation website here:

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