Westside Power Bar Review

westside power bar reviewThis is a 29mm powerlifting bar designed to the specs of Louie Simmons founder of Westside Barbell.

This bar features an aggressive deep knurl that is well suited to the big 3 lifts: squat, bench and deadlift.

This bar has single powerlifting knurl marks and a center knurl to keep the bar in place during the heaviest of squats.

Westside Power Bar Review by Joe
rogue fitness westside power barQuality 5 out of 5 stars
Comparable to Eleiko & TPB Quality. I have worked in the gym business for 10+ years and have used many barbells from different manufacturers. In our club we have York, Elieko, Texas Power Bar, etc..etc… We like the Westside power bar the best. I was looking for an affordable bar for my gym at home, but needed one that matched the standards of the USAPL & International Powerlifting Federation organizations. ( Eleiko’s will run you $1,300+ )This bar fit the bill in every way. The knurling is aggressive. It is not as deep as the old TPB, but slightly more aggressive then a Eleiko Power Bar.

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More Review –
westside power bar reviewIt feels great in your hands and back. The bar is also VERY stiff which is important for heavy squats and benches. There is barely any whip over 500lbs+ which feels great. I cannot wait till we start training with gear this year when we will have lifters in the 600lb+, 700lb+, 800lb+ clubs to try it out. The Westside power bar is a little tougher to deadlift with because of the lack of flexibility in the bar, but if you compete in powerlifting this will only make you better on the platform. I do not recommend using this bar for anything but powerlifting. This is exactly what the bar is designed for. Hence, “Westside Barbell” / “Louie Simmons”. We will be ordering a couple more now for our Commercial Gym, & CrossFit Affiliate.

Westside Power Bar Review by Thomas
Quality 5
This bar has an awesome knurl and grips very well to the hands. Combine this with a Rogue bar for the oly stuff and you will be set. I love the fact that the nicest bar I have ever used is in my basement!

Westside Power Bar Review by Matt
Quality 5 out of 5
This bar is an excellent all-around bar for training the SQ, BP, DL, and OHP. It’s stiff and doesn’t really flex plus it has a nice deep knurling. It’s got a nice finish, it’s easy to maintain, and has quickly become a favorite amongst the variety of bars we have at our facility.

Question: What is a good book or manual to learn more about Westside barbell training?

Check out the book Westside Barbell Book of Methods as this will give you great inside info on the style of training that they do

Question: Where can I find more info about Westside barbell gym? Website here:

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