Inov8 f-lite 195 vs bare-xf 210

Originally intended to be used as a mountain racing flat, Inov8’s are easily one of the most visible performance shoes for CrossFit.
The F-Lite 195’s and 210’s made their name by providing a sturdy, flexible, supportive, flat-soled shoe that can withstand most every demand that you’d encounter in CrossFit, all while weighing 210g or a infinitesimal 195g.

Some CrossFit athletes have preferred the 210’s vs the 230’s due to weight and performance (see review below).

The 195/210’s were manufactured to maximize an athlete’s overall speed, power, and responsiveness, whether forward, vertically, or laterally. The Inov-8 195/210’s have all grounds covered.

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Inov8 Bare XF 210 Review by Rob

Quality 5 stars out of 5
These run a bit narrow compared to other inov-8s. I just loosened them up and they were fine. These are basically like wearing a shoe version of VFFs. They are super minimal and stiff soled, while maintaining a flexible forefoot. That being said, box jumps can hurt if you’re going for speed and using a quick rebound. Large sets of DU’s might also tax your shins. The Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 shoes feel 100% bomber for deadlifts, jerks, and anything else where you wish you were barefoot. 4 stars because they aren’t, in my opinion, as well rounded for crossfit as other inov-8s given how minimal they are. I’d rather use my x-road233s for something with box jumps and/or double unders, and spare my joints the impact stress with a slightly more substantial sole.

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Inov8 210 vs 230 review by Scott:
I’ve had these shoes for two weeks now and subjected them to a total of 12 Cross Training workouts at Fit Crew of Bradenton. In short these CrossFit inspired treads from the Inov-8 F-Lite 230 Racing Flat are awesome. For a barely there zero-drop shoe they are as comfortable as it gets with 2mm of rubber between you and the ground. While I have seen some negative reviews concerning these shoes and arch/heel pain coming from mostly older inexperienced runners (these are NOT running shoes); I feel confident that those with minimal shoe experience looking for a truly dedicated workout shoe will have no issues here.

I bought my Bare XF’s after shredding a fairly new pair of Inov8 F-lite 230′s on the climbing rope. I’ve loved my 230′s since the day I bought them and they have been excellent workout and lifting shoes, but when it came to arresting my decent on a rope they were simply over-matched. The XF- 210′s are built with a patented rope guard on both sides and the sole while sticky, has no issues standing up to the heat and friction of a rope. If anything climbing with these shoes on is like equipping your feet with disc brakes; they work that good.

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