Pendlay GHD vs Sorinex GHD

Check out the following Glute Ham Developer (GHD) machine reviews for Pendlay vs Sorinex GHD. You be the judge.

Pendlay Elite GHD Review by T.K.
We just ordered the Pendlay Elite GHD and love it in our gym – T.K.

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Pendlay Elite GHD info –
No other piece of equipment exists that better targets the posterior chain than the Glute Hamstring Developer. After extensive product development, the MDUSA GHD was introduced at the CrossFit Carolina Sectional event in March of this year. This new design provided stability, comfort, and ease of use over a broad range of athletes in a competition setting. The feedback was so positive that product is being immediately released to the market.

Sorinex GHD Review by JJ
I think I like the Sorinex ghd vs the Rogue abram ghd as it is far less expensive and for the price the stability is not much different. I can then spend the extra money on a barbell and more bumper plates.

Question: Which would you pick with the Body Solid Pro GHD vs the Sorinex? Both are good so I would try each one out at a local CrossFit gym.

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