Petzl Tikka vs Tikkina Review

petzl tikka vs tikkina reviewCheck out the reviews and videos for the Petzl Tikka vs Tikkina and you be the judge which on you want to take out in the field on your next big adventure.

Both lights use 3 AAA batteries and are not rechargeable with a USB cord.

Both come with an adjustable headband.

I personally own both and have used them mountain biking, hiking, camping and short distance caving.

Petzl Tikka review by Brad:
Dollar for dollar this is a good headlamp that lives up to its value.

Yes; you can buy lights with more lumens (this one goes up to 100 lumens) but you will pay more money.

The Petzl TIKKA Headlamp is more than fine for illuminating a trail while walking, setting up a tent, or checking out a small walk in cave.

It is easy to use with one press and its on and the battery life is good also. Even with gloves during colder weather it is easy to switch on and off.

I have both the Tikka and Tikkina and love the Petzl brand.

This light gets great reviews on

Petzl Tikkina review by Brad Mc:
I have both the Tikka and Tikkina (80 lumens) and have used both on camping trips (setting up tent and cooking), trail hiking at night, riding on my mountain bike and some minor cave exploring.

The Petzl – TIKKINA Headlamp works fine in all of those situations and I keep it in my truck in case I have to find something at night. It takes 3 AAA batteries and you can use lithiums in it to make your light last longer.

It has two different settings for light in case you want to conserve light or just need a lower setting say for reading in your tent. The price very affordable around $20 depending on where you get it..

One thing that I liked is that it does not bounce and slide down your fore head when you are trail running or hiking. That is a plus if you are using it for training or exploring. The adjustable strap keeps it in place.

PETZL Tikka review
petzl tikka review by JoshI have had the Tikka light for around 3 years. It’s been a rock solid performer. I use it for fishing, hunting, and various other outdoor activities. It packs up small and fits easily in my chest rig along with my other essentials.

There are times when I have wished it was a little brighter but for the price it does a great job. I’m looking to add a Tactikka model to my kit soon to have a red light option.

Packs up small. Handy for boat rides down the Amazon in Peru. Going to be adding the RGB. We have started doing a lot of nighttime predator hunts and having a red or green light option to check a piece of gear or a map is better than white light only.

Question: Can you recharge these lights with a USB cable? No, they just use regular batteries. The newer Petzl lights do allow for a rechargeable battery.

Question: What about the Tikka vs Black Diamond Spot? We are working on that review now and doing field testing.

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