Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot Review: Superior Performance and Unparalleled Benefits

Check out the reviews and feedback for the Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot and you make the decision which is best for your feet out in the field.

The Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot is a high-performance footwear option designed specifically for military personnel and tactical professionals. With its advanced features and durable construction, this boot offers a range of benefits that enhance comfort, support, and overall performance in demanding environments. This review explores the key advantages of the Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot, making it an excellent choice for those in need of reliable and robust footwear.

Exceptional Durability:

The Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot is built to withstand the rigors of intense military operations. It features a rugged full-grain leather and 1000 denier nylon upper, offering exceptional durability and resistance to abrasions, tears, and moisture. This ensures that the boots maintain their structural integrity over an extended period, even in harsh and challenging conditions.

Enhanced Foot Protection:

Designed with safety in mind, the Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot provides superior foot protection. It incorporates a reinforced toe box and heel counter, shielding the feet from impacts and potential injuries. The Vibram outsole offers excellent traction on various surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Advanced Comfort and Support:

The boot’s comfort features contribute to reduced fatigue during long hours of wear. The Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot includes a cushioned polyurethane footbed that provides ample shock absorption and support. The TFX (Terra Force X) platform offers stability and torsional rigidity, enhancing balance and preventing foot fatigue during strenuous activities.

Moisture Management:

A key benefit of the Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot is its moisture-wicking properties. The breathable GORE-TEX lining allows sweat and moisture to escape while preventing water from entering, keeping feet dry and comfortable. This feature is particularly valuable in hot and humid environments or during intense physical exertion.

Temperature Regulation:

The Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot is designed to perform in hot climates. It incorporates a special ventilation system that allows airflow to regulate temperature inside the boot, preventing overheating and maintaining comfort even in high-temperature environments. This feature significantly reduces the risk of heat-related issues during extended operations.

Quick and Secure Fit:

The boot features a speed lacing system with durable hardware, enabling quick and easy donning and doffing. The lace-to-toe design allows for a customized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and support while minimizing the risk of blisters or pressure points.

Versatile Performance:

The Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot excels in a range of operational scenarios, including urban environments, mountainous terrains, and jungle environments. Its lightweight yet rugged construction, combined with the boot’s excellent traction and stability, makes it a versatile choice for military personnel requiring footwear that can adapt to diverse conditions.

Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot Review

I am using this boot for training up for and going through ranger school. To start off, i put warm as a con because i live in the pacific northwest, my feet were super warm in this boot and I am concerned about going down to georgia in the summer. That being said, the pro’s of this boot outweigh however hot my feet have gotten, so far.

I have tried many boots, and am writing this review so that readers can get a good idea of what the Rivot is all about.I have used/own the following boots: issue Alama’s, issue Bates, Danner Desert Acadia’s, Danner Roughout TFX, Garmont T-8, Nike SFB, Lowa Desert Elite, Lowa Uplander Desert, OTB 8″ Bushmaster, and the Rocky S2V’s. I also don’t just walk around the street or go to the range and get them muddy. I’ve done climbs of over 6000 vertical feet in rough terrain, including snow, ice, mud, scree, rock, dirt, etc.

I replaced my worn out Danner TFXs with these. The soles on my old boots wore down to a slick in garrison. So I was a little concerned about stepping up to these before heading to Afghanistan. I have been through ice, snow, mud, sand, JP-8, and many other unidentifiable liquids so far without a problem. The grip is amazing, and they feel like slippers. I have never had such great performance before out of a boot. More to follow as I hit mid deployment.

Crafted in Portland Oregon, the Rivot™ is built with our lightweight TFX® platform, a rugged rough-out leather and 1000 Denier nylon upper, space frame webbing design for increased motion and a 360˚ pivot point lug pattern for quick pivotal movements in all directions, knowing that in battle motion is your weapon. Spacer mesh dispels heat vapors while allowing heat from inside the boot to escape, keeping you cool in the face of battle.

Rivot TFX® Hot Military Boot Details
Made in USA and Berry compliant
Meets AR 670-1 requirements for optional wear
Rough-out leather and 1000D nylon upper for superior protection and comfort


The Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot stands out as a top-tier option for military personnel and tactical professionals. Its exceptional durability, foot protection, advanced comfort features, moisture management, temperature regulation, and quick fit capabilities make it a reliable and versatile choice. By investing in the Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot, individuals can experience the benefits of enhanced performance and prolonged endurance in the most demanding operational environments.

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