Top 10 Rocky Tactical Boots

Check out the reviews and videos for the best Rocky tactical boots and you decide which ones are best for your feet in the field.

#10 Rocky C4T Tactical Boot

Before buying these Rockies I’d been wearing Danners. These things wear like sneakers, they offer great mobility on a light, low profile boot. When I hold one in my hand it honestly feels like its floating away, its so light.

The Rocky C4T boots offer good traction, and full range of motion in my ankle, they also breath pretty well so that my feet don’t reek to high heaven when I get off of a 16 hour shift in the TOC.

Also, they lace up like a breeze, seriously it takes less than 2 minutes to don both of these boots, and thats in the dark when I’m groggily feeling my way through the process and mostly blind.

Rocky 8 Inch C5c Rkyc003 Work Boot review

I had a lot of Army buds tell me to get the Rockys.

I looked around forever and after seeing how many of the other “tennis shoe” boots fell apart or people paid far less and the boots didn’t hold up, I decided on the C5C. Wow!

Sooooo light and I can stay on my feet all day with no issues at all. Seriously LIGHT!

Rocky 104L S2V Vented Military/Tactical Duty Boot review

Just received my new set of the Rocky’s S2v and expect at least the same performance from these I have gotten from the first pair. I’m currently cycling the old boots out of active use because after nearly five years, some of the interior stitching has torn.

I’ve worn these boots on a nearly daily basis hopping around Iraq and Afghanistan as well as hiking around Germany, Italy, Africa, and stateside when I get leave. My boots have not had the luxury of easy office duty.
The boots are comfortable out of the box, but as with all boots, long term wear is better after you really break them in over a week of daily use. The sizing was more consistent than most other brands (Altama is the only other boot that I found that fit like my 10.5 shoes).
Highly recommend these boots!

Rocky 8 Inch S2v 101 Work Boot review

I wore these boots through Infantry Officer Basic Training and US Army Ranger school last summer, and they were great.

Their durability is unmatched. What really makes these boots perfect for Ranger School is the insole.

The insole is very thick and provides great cushion and stability for your foot, which is extremely valuable when you have a 100lb rucksack on your back and a dozen miles left on a forced march.

Rocky 8 Inch C4t Ry008 Work Boot review

These boots are about a half size smaller than what they are labeled at. I normally wear a 8.0W to 8.5W i took reviewer’s advice and bought a 9EE (9W) and it fit perfect.

i will say that the boots do not look the same as the picture will a nice formed toe, but instead look flat and unsightly. not good for a professional appearance.

the soles are wedgy and seem awkward. in fact they look an awful lot like those shoes made for people with feet or leg problems. just think reebok easy-striders with the velcro (im being dead serious and not trying to be mean or funny).

they are well made and have nice padding and laces. its all in the eye of the beholder i suppose.

Rocky Duty Fort Hood 8″ Swat Boot

I was at my wits end trying to find a boot that fit my son’s size 16 foot, one that would fit well, look good, and stand up to his outdoors activity.

I took a chance and ordered these, and I am impressed.

I had to measure his foot and use the conversion chart, and they fit perfect.

They look good and fit well. Of course time will tell how long they last, but they are off to a great start, I am ordering another pair for my husband.

#1 Rocky S2V

These boots are very comfortable and fit like a glove when I put them on. I read a few reviews of this boot and people suggested to go a half size bigger. I did not need the extra room.

These are great boots and I have used them non stop while in military service. The weather in Nevada can be hot as hell for a good part of the year here and long hours on foot are normal so good duty boots are a must.

I have a tendency to roll one of my ankles and this boot is designed to nearly eliminate this. I have very wide feet, so many shoes don’t fit me comfortably.

I am a big fan of the Rocky S2V boot and have already purchased another pair as backup. I like everything about how they fit.

Knowing this product I began searching for a pair. This seller had them in my size and for $60+ cheaper than anyone. I ordered.

Question: What about the Rocky S2V vs Nike SFB? Both are good boots so I would suggest trying them both on and see which one fits your foot best.

Question: Do you know any US Army Special Forces guys that are wearing these boots in training? Yes; a few guys opt to wear these as they are light weight and get the job done.

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