Top 10 Strongman Equipment for a Garage Gym

strongwoman equipmentAs a garage gym owner we get asked all of the time “Coach, what Strongman equipment is best for a garage gym?”.

We started out as a really small group and met at the local track.

We flipped tires, carried our buddies on our back, weighted pull ups and ran stairs.

We slowly built up our group and moved into our garage.

Our goal was to make each other strong and be ready for anything at anytime.

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Check out this list of gear that we have put in our garage gym and what works.

strong man sled drag #10 Strongman Equipment
If you want to start out with little cash down then go with a sled or prowler. A good sled is gonna set you back under $100 and a prowler $250 or so. A good prowler is the CFF Hi-Lo prowler for under $200. You can also push a sled by stacking weights on top of it and getting down low to push. To get strong you gotta push and pull things so make this a key part of your training.

A tire is an easy item to get for free at a local tractor or Semi repair shop. Most times if you haul it off and tip the guy $20 you can make out like a bandit. You don’t have to have a huge tire as you can flip a smaller tire longer distances and wear a weight vest to slow you down. Don’t get me wrong – a big tire is great – but you don’t have to have the biggest tire to get a burner workout.

westside power bench#8 Strongman Equipment Competition Power Bench: A good bench is worth its weight. It has to be sturdy or it will crack and fall apart over time. Plus..laying on a bomber bench gives you that extra bit of confidence.

We like the The Westside Bench as it is built burly strong for the long haul. It has been said before that all Strongmen want to hear when walking out to the log event: “His brute pressing strength is unmatched.”

texas dead lift bar#7 Strongman Equipment
Texas Dead Lift Bar: One of the best single exercises you can do to build strength is the dead lift and squat. But you gotta have a stout bar or your wasting your time. A cheap bar will bend.. we know as we have screwed quite a few. Grab a Texas Power Bar and your ready for serious heavy lifting.

#6 Strongman Equipment
Multi-Grip Swiss Bar: You can use this bar in a variety of positions to work on your bench press to build grip and forearm strength for lifting logs. W like how many uses it has. Grab a Swiss / Multi Grip Bar and get ready to rock your training.

Wooden Logs: If you aint pressing logs then know ones gonna take your serious. Your just another fruit cake out there lifting heavy barbells. You will see these in competition so you might as well train like your going to compete and pick one up and train. Check out the Slater logs at

#4 Strongman Equipment

rogue fat axleFat Axle (aka El Gordo): Cheaper and sturdier than regular barbells so there is no excuse why you should not have one. Spinning bars are for Olympians. The fat axle builds grip like crazy. Don’t be lazy – build you grip like a gorilla and get a fat axle like the fat bar axle at Ohio Fitness

Pick up heavy stuff and walk and put it down. Its as simple as that. You will get gnarly strong training with a Yoke. You can use this gear as a rack also. We use the Yoke of Goergen in our garage gym.

#2 Farmers Walk Handles
rogue farmers handlesIf your grip is weak then you will drop that heavy deadlift.

Train the weakest link and improve your grip.

Carrying heavy loads also works the core and gets you ready for competition.

We like to use the farmer’s handles  to carry heavy load for distance.

In the end you got to have a killer rack if your going to step into the Strongman game.

You can do a variety of exercises here to include bench press, squat, shoulder press and event weighted pull ups.

We like to use the Titan squat rack as it is the best value dollar for dollar.

Questions from athletes in our gym and readers online.

Question: Coach, do you have any good books that I should start out with on Strongman training? Yes; we like the The Milo Regimen: The Ultimate Strength Training Program.

This book has been a go to book for many an up and coming strongman in training.

Question: Where can I find out more info about CrossFit? Check out the website here:

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